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    He says he can tow it with this..., no problem!
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    Here's the pictures of the ground wire I ran for my front jack, the wire is an 8 ga multi strand. [attachment file=IMG_0473.JPG]
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    We arrived at our site at Rainbow Plantation…an Escapee Park near Gulf Shores on Thursday. Friday morning I got up and took our dog Nick outside to take care of his business. I came back in and was finishing breakfast when I needed to go back out to get something out of the truck. The door was locked shut and we couldn’t get out. We tried several times, but we were locked in! I crawled through the egress window and thought if I keyed in our code it would unlock the door…no luck.. I tried 2 or 3 times and still nothing. This time I tried the key and moved it to the unlock position…still nothing, then I tried the FOB and still…NOTHING. So here we were, I was locked out and Gerri and our dog were locked in. I called Oliver and talked with Jason and tried his suggestions…nothing. I called RV Lock company from where the lock came from and talked with Dave, a tech there. He had me tell Gerri to take off the 4 screws on the inside and then pull the red and white wires connection off. She did that…nothing…we were still 1 locked in and 1 out. I talked with Jason again and tried a couple other suggestions…nothing. After 1 hour of trying, it was suggested I call a certified rv tech to come and unlock the keyless entry. The RV tech worked for 2 hours following everything that Jason and the tech from RV lock told him to do via. the phone. Again, NOTHING. The RV Lock company said they had never had this problem before and definitely nothing like this. The lock was somehow jammed and was not unlocking. After 3 hours of trying, it was decided to do all we could to break the lock off. Finally we did, but by doing that, part of the door by the lock was damaged. We were now UNLOCKED, but no lock or handle on the door. We once again called and talked with Jason and it was decided that we should come up to the plant and they would replace the door and lock. So about 2:15 pm we bungeed the door shut and headed north. After about 7 hours of driving, we found a safe campground that had a spot for us. We then bungeed the door shut from the inside and went to bed. We got to Hohenwald around noon Saturday and Dustin met us there since Oliver graciously allowed us to park in the showroom/PDI area since we had no way to lock our Ollie. Anita was there so she let us in. We were allowed to borrow a key to the building so we could come and go as needed. Monday morning we took our Ollie to the plant and met Jason there and talked about the solution and possible causes. Jason said they would put on a new door and whichever lock we wanted…no cost. He also checked the egress window framing as we crawled in and out of that window several times while we were trying to fix it ourselves. Before we left, Jason said they were going to do some R&D on this problem to see what could have caused this. It could have been a total fluke with the lock, we don’t know. He said he would get back with us about what they found. For now, we put the traditional lock back on until I regain my confidence in the keyless entry lock. Oliver did an incredible job attending to our needs and fixing our Ollie so we could get back on the road. I cannot say enough for the positive support we received from the Oliver Company…100% Kudos. I don’t know of any other rv manufacturer that would have been as open and supportive as the Oliver Company.
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    One suggestion by Jason was to let the jacks down and then see if the door would open. This did not work. Having the key available was not an issue as we have one with us at all times and the back up key is stored so it is readily available. Neither the code or key or fob would get the door open. I do not know if the dead bolt would move open or if it were the latch that did not work. When we finally got the lock off, the latch was broken in half. Whether the latch was broken before we got the lock off or after, we do not know. Jason did say when they examined the door at the factory that it was not totally flat/level and this may or may not have been a part of the problem. Bottom line, Oliver Company was totally supportive and went above expectations to help us and to fix our Ollie. Gerri and I felt very good about the way they handled our problem. The support and stand behind was definitely there. I may get another keyless entry...down the road, but not sure yet.
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    In certain situations the handle on the tailgate of my 2017 F-150 will touch the top of the "release" for the bulldog hitch. In turn, this will leave a mark on that handle - so - I glued a piece of foam on the top of the release. But, as Mr. hbay says - no real problems in opening the tailgate. However, I do not have the front basket and therefore am not sure if that just might get in the way, but, I doubt it. Bill
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    I have had two Oliver’s and never had that problem. I am pretty sure no one on this forum has had that problem.
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    Whoa….. I have had this picture awhile and looking to post it. Thanks to John I have found where to post, LOL.
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    Sorry, here's the other picture.
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    Probably will not make Quartzsite, but hope to make the Oliver Rally in May, then head up to our reunion with sibs the first of June, just east of Portland. We have not done any planning for that trip yet, but there seems to be an increasing number of Oliver owners on the west coast. Would be nice to meet up with some next summer. Stan
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    Good that you knew what to do. As and ex-electrican I would have been clueless.
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    Wow, what a thing to have happen. Totally jammed, one inside, one outside that is not something I want to have happen. I was contemplating adding the keyless entry but now not so much. Really glad that the Oliver folks went the extra mile, speaks volumes about the company. I live by KISS, it's never let me down.
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    Wow, quite an adventure! Glad to hear the Oliver folks went the extra mile on this one. I’m also interested in what is discovered about this as I was going to add one of these myself. I’ll also go with the KISS principle for now. The key has never failed! Thanks for giving everyone a heads up. Mike
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    Thanks for the info. We have seriously considered adding one to our unit, but assumed there was a viable key override option to the lock. Hopefully, if you ever hear about the research outcome, that you share with us. Maybe the KISS principle is the best solution here...
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    Mike and Gerri - I hit the "thanks" button above not because I don't feel sorry for the situation you found yourselves in, but, because you recognized and appreciated the efforts put forth by Oliver to help you. Certainly this could not have been pleasant for the three of you. However, you still acknowledge the assistance that was given to you. Hopefully Oliver and the lock company will soon find a solution to what initially caused the problem. Bill
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