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    We're currently working on new features/updates and we'll update once we have everything ready. Stay tuned... Thank you!
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    Ooh ooh, can a new search function be part of the new feature set??
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    Thanks Scotty, Turns out I needed to replace the IPN remote unit. Ryan at Blue Solar got me all fixed up!
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    Sorry I had two different posting for this content -- I was doing it by my phone and it got a bit tedious. Got everything worked out now so I can use my computer....... SO much easier! Hey so all is good now!! Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful. 1 - My Prowatt GFI needed to be reset at the main box under the seat.....finally figured out there was one there also. 2- Progressive surge protector will only illuminate if trailer is plugged in. I was beginning to suspect this but am not anywhere near plug-in. Jason from Oliver contacted me and confirmed. 3 - Blue Sky - My IPN remote was defective. Ryan at Blue Sky traded it out for me and it's working like a champ now!!! Love solar!! I hope posting all my naïve errors and the solutions will help someone else down the line. :-) Happy travels everyone!
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    If you don't have a rack yet, you might also consider the 1-up roof mount rack. They're top of the line racks and will fit the Oliver rack without any modification apart from drilling the holes to secure it. Just order the flush mount kit and it should work fine. Their racks run $189 each, so for two they're comparable to the Thule. They sell a fat bike conversion spacer for $34, and since they're two separate racks, you can space them apart however far you want.
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