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    My wife Bobbie and I visited the factory on 15 February and then spent some time with Anita making our order. Fortunately for us, there were some openings for near term start dates. We picked a start date of 21 February and a delivery date of 9 May. We're already counting the days and looking forward to getting on the road. Mike
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    Andersen Hitch Inc. has designed a new ball, cone and triangle plate for the weight distribution hitch. This new design was to create a ball that would not lock up inside the collar and/or cause noise when turning. For more information or data on results and testing you would need to speak directly with Andersen. Any customer who has an older Andersen Hitch setup can upgrade to the new design for $100 by contacting Andersen directly and asking about part# 3332 and explaining the issue that you are having with the current ball. The $100 upgrade is a discounted price but it will not last forever. Andersen Hitch Inc. 208-523-6460 800-635-6106
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    Dear Happy Campers, We just joined this site a few days ago and want to introduce ourselves. After working more than thirty years in Yellowstone National Park, we retired mid last year and settled into our home in Bozeman, MT. We are happy to report that, like many of you, we caught the "Ollie bug." We'd like to give a shout-out to Rob O. and his wife for providing an extremely interesting, informative, and enjoyable tour of their Ollie early last summer. Ever since then, we've been dreaming about the day when we'll finally have one of our own---and it's now not that far away. We are very happy to report that we'll be visiting Hohenwald and picking up our new LE II in late March!! We'd also like to thank the many contributors to this site who have provided insightful thoughts on all things "Ollie" and on R-V'ing in general. We're essentially newbies to this world, and we've learned a tremendous amount from the many posts, and feel better prepared to hit our new adventures "head-on!" Finally, a special thanks to Anita J. at Oliver for patiently answering all our questions over the past year as we mulled over seemingly thousands of decisions. We look forward to our new adventures and will be sure to give a wave if we see you out on the roads!!! Sincerely, Jim and Mary M. "Runnin' on MT"
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    I saw this Truma device at the RV show in Tampa last month. It looked interesting and doesn’t have any weather issues as it is kept in your TV or OTT. Will it survive the inevitable drop? $69.99 from Truma. Mike
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