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    Hello all, Been a member for a decent chunk of time on the forums and I had some questions early on but the answers were pretty slim at the start. So I have had my Oliver for a couple years and we always leave the bed setup. My wife and I spend the majority of the time outside and find the little dinette plenty if we are inside. Early on I was looking for a sleep number type bed but kept running into issues be it a Queen size short and then you have space along the mattress that was left empty or you stuff pads in or a regular size mattress turned size ways but jammed in. At any rate I found the perfect mattress for the location and its very comfortable. We ordered two Ghost Bed Twin size. Ghost bed gives you 100 days to try out the mattress. We placed them inside the house and tried them out and found them comfortable. The attached images show them in place. It is a tight fit and the corner of each mattress at the curve in the back is pushed in slightly but not enough to cause a issue. I will be writing a different post in the modification section to show you how I handled access to the fresh water drain while the mattresses are in place. On a side note the mattress being two twins sit tight in place so they don't move around and also if you had to move them to get access its as easy as stripping the sheets off and lifting one side and placing it on the other. UPDATE Hello for some reason Im not able to reply to my own topic so I am doing this through edit mode. I have my bed setup as a permanent bed. My hull is 087# My cushions for the bed area are stored in my house. The reason I went to a Ghost bed is I have a bad back. What comes from the factory will make me sore after one night of sleep. The mattress I ordered was a Twin standard because the XL is too long to fit into the space without modification. These mattresses I originally thought I would have to slightly modify by cutting corners but as it turns out they as a pair fit in fairly snug with only slightly bending the corners. I also looked at other twins on the market (Bed in a box aka. online beds) and none seemed to have the same measurements. Most would be too large or require more modifications like cutting them. At any rate my update for this is the camping trips I have had so far after the mattresses have been some of the best trips I have had in years. Previous to my oliver I had a Toyhauler that had a full size sleep number queen bed and that was great. That being said I would highly recommend avoid toy haulers because man from year one I typically had to pay 1k to 3k a year in repairs. Turns out that back wall missing sure causes issues with the entire thing flexing more. Anyway we love our Oliver and the only thing I would recommend would be Oliver to rethink their black/grey water system. I have owned TTs and RVs and the Oliver sadly has been the most difficult to deal with when it comes to draining. The rest were as simple as pulling the handle and it drained. With the Oliver if you do not raise the tongue height you never fully drain it. At least thats my experience. Sorry off on a tangent. Anyway at the end of the day some of us keep our beds down full time for ease of use. And the mattress I purchased Im thrilled with.
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    Hello all, I created a access port for the fresh water drain valve. The reason behind this is so you dont have to take your bed apart each time to gain access to the drain valve. I simple lay down on the floor and can reach the valve. This mod isnt for everyone specially those that have a issue laying the on the floor to reach it but I find it much easier to use then having to take my king bed up each time. In another post today I will show you the perfect mattress setup for the king floor plan. At least the best mattress set I have found for it so far. I purchased a Five Oceans Marine white screw in deck plate off Amazon. I went with the 5" Deck plate for 10.99 and with Prime its free shipping. The location I chose was just above the drain valve and even with the vent and I think it turned out well. I did this mode using a metal cutting blade in my jig saw. I chose the metal blade for smaller teeth. Have your wife or friend use a spray bottle on mist setting and spray it while you are cutting it with a towel on the floor it will collect all the fiberglass dust. Be smart and wear a mask anyway. Also tape the entire area. I used painters tape and over taped. This will keep the fiberglass from having issues cracking and also keep your jib from busting or scraping up the inside. There are lots of youtube videos on doing deck plates in boats. Treat it the same as those videos and things will be fine. UPDATE Oddly enough for some reason I am unable to reply to my own post. So I will answer some questions. My Hull# is 087. Its a 2015. I had 0 access to that without going through the top which ment taking apart my bed. I have made my bed a permanent or semi permanent down bed with a pair of Ghost bed mattresses. At any rate with the port I am actually able to access the fresh water drain. My Ollie has a on demand hot water heater as well so that is not as big a issue.
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    For Oliver owners, I'm offering up my place to camp if you're between planned stops, and would like a day or two to collect your thoughts. We have a "farm" with plenty of open space, water, and a place to dump your tanks if needed. Electricity is available, but most likely just a 20 amp circuit. We are located on the south side of Tim's Ford Lake, in Winchester TN. Our location is about 20 min to Jack Daniel Distillery, Lynchburg, TN about 40 min from George Dickel Distillery, Winchester, TN. We are about 1 hour to Chattanooga, and 2 hrs. to Nashville. Lots to do if you have never spent much time in this area. Easy entry off a paved road, and grassy treed area for camping. For more information you can contact me by email : rrbounds gmail.com This an exclusive offer to Oliver Travel Trailer owners only. The cost to camp is about what this post cost me...
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    I agree, it is my Go To app, but the data is really full of holes. It relies on user input to fix mistakes and from my experience, this is just not happening. Out of a dozen camp sites, one or two always have errors. I have submitted six corrections in the last eighteen months. Some are minor (mislocated on the map), some are huge (used to be free dispersed camping, now run by the State Parks at $35 per night). Still, it seems to offer a lot of good suggestions, just trust and then verify. Old Internet reviews are no good at all, times change..... gates and Posted signs go up. John Davies Spokane WA
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    I'd be grateful if anyone can offer some advice: If I purchased a two-bike rack that attaches via a receiver, is it possible to attach a receiver at the rear of the Oliver so that the bike rack would be usable on both the Oliver and the TV?
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    Greetings folks! Kevan and Dara here. We just placed the order for our 2019 Elite II on Friday last week and the bank mailed the check today. Pickup is likely January (have to call back tomorrow to confirm, as we are going to move up the build date). Hope to also get the Hull number tomorrow as well? First of all, to anyone that reads this post and contributes here and/or on Facebook. Thank you! Lots of reading has taken place to help me and the wife build our Oliver. Second, we need to name him/her...and look for custom decals...and prep for pickup. Will be towing with a 2018 Tundra 4wd. Thanks again and happy trails!
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    Looks like Florence is going to be a major storm event! Best wishes to fellow owners in North and South Carolina, Virginia and the east coast in general. Also, it looks like more storms are following. Stay safe! Mike
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    It seems as if you could just have a stout aircraft aluminum cross member welded up by a shop, using say a 2 x 4" box shape for rigidity, through-bolt a steel 2" hitch receiver tube to it, and use the same sort of double receiver setup as the discontinued factory units to plug it into the frame structure. That would be strong, and also very wear resistant where the bike hitch plugs in, and also fairly inexpensive. It's the welding labor and extra gussetting (strengthening the 90 degree connected parts) that makes the factory rack cost so much.... One thing to consider when talking about simply bolting a steel aftermarket receiver to an aluminum cross member is that you run into various engineering problems, like dissimilar metal corrosion (requiring bedding onto a non conducting surface), different thermal expansion rates (aluminum expands twice as fast, fasteners may loosen in cold weather and the part may shift), rust staining, gouging or distortion of the softer aluminum surface, etc. Adding a highly stressed steel part to an aluminum beam is tough. Oliver reportedly had problems with their original method of attaching the Bulldog coupler and had to add internal alumnum spacers and use proper length bolts (no threads past the inside of the nut) to get it to work reliably. If you can figure out a way to build a strong $200 hybrid aluminum/ steel bike rack, I will make one for myself. I am not an engineer, but I can see all sorts of problems if it is not built right. I would love to be able to plug in a high quality bike rack and also be able to swap it over to the truck when not towing. Unfortunately, the center receiver has a lot of problems associated with it and I think the solid full width all-alluinum platform is a much better solution. I would be happier with the design if it one could remove the bike attachments quickly and fold up the tray without blocking the rear lights. I hope the new version will be this capable. John Davies Spokane WA
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    Along with the ones listed above there is rvparky and park advisor. Then we always use state lines and roadtrippers. One app would be nice but... Ultimate campgrounds is still on top. State Lines tells you the driving laws in each state and they really vary. Reed
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    I just discovered a new app that lists boondocking sites called iOverlander. They have apps for iPhone and for Android. They also have a website: http://ioverlander.com
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    Isn't there a LAW that comes into effect just as soon as you throw out or donate that "thing" that you have not used in ten years, you suddenly have a real need for it? Both my wife and I came from families that had very limited means. Because we take care of our things they tend to last a very loooong time - we both are still wearing some of the same cloths that we had in high school! We actually get enjoyment from finding new uses for things that no longer can be used for the original function. However, at some point, enough is enough! We have just got to start getting rid of "stuff"! But, the Velcro on our finger tips makes it so hard to do. Bill
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