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    N 50 38' 48" W 68 43' 28" Manic-5 dam, AKA Daniel Johnson Dam
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    You might say... That they are DAMN fine photos's. Sorry... just could not resist. Scotty
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    Taylor, Until recently, I was using a small 120 volt Senco compressor/tank unit that is for nail guns and quite portable I ran it on an inverter when out traveling. But now, I've upgraded to a Viair 400-P-RV. This has a shutoff and lots of hose options. It actually has higher CFM than the 120 volt model I mentioned. I also carry a pretty thorough tire kit so I can plug leaks, and fix bike tires. I'd really like to have an on-board system built around the Viair, but I never seem to get around to it. The new HQ19 has a set of high-amp wires and an Anderson plug that runs from the tongue to the batteries. I plan to run a set of large conductors to the rear of the truck for this, and then may install the compressor in the nose of the trailer, where it has closed compartments for the propane tanks, jerry cans, leveling blocks, etc.
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    Well, I'll go out on my own here, not speaking for the mod team. Back in the day, (over ten years ago) when we created Classifieds, it was intended to share and sell ancillary stuff. Not necessarily trailers. But, that's evolved as there are more used Olivers on the market, because there are more Olivers on the road. A lot more. Over 10 times more... The forum was created for fellowship, exchanging ideas, problem solving and, yes, just plain fun. In my opinion, it's not too much to ask people to take thirty second or a minute to register and be able to read the Classifieds. Registration won't stop spam, though we do our best to watch out for it. But, maybe it will encourage more second owners to stay involved, and join in once they own an Oliver, since they're already a member. Again, I am speaking on my own. No majority opinion here. Let's see how it all works out. Sherry
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