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    Thanks to all. This was something i was not aware of. Ill make a habit of checking my account often. One of those emails can be a little nerve racking. I’m sure I’m not along. Thanks again keep up the good work.
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    The 404 Error problem has only happened a few times with me and I've been on the forum a lot since we got our Oliver in July. I just click out of the post and them click back in and in 90% of the time the Error did not come back and I was able to read the post. trainman
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    Overland is not online now, so, I'll show you where to go in your profile to see forums that you have subscribed to. Go to your profile, click on the double bubbles, x out the one(s) you no linger want to be subscribed to. Or, log in, go to that forum, look at the top, and see "unsubscribe", and click there. Hope this helps you and others. It's easy to subscribe accidentally. I've done it myself, a number of times. Then I get emails... Please, DON'T delete your account. All your previous posts will then say "anonymous." There's nothing wrong with your account, nor has the board been " hacked." Thanks for bringing up this important topic. We appreciate it. Sherry [attachment file=193338]
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    Yeah, the outdoor shower is almost as vulnerable as the tap connections, though they're at least covered by the basement door and don't have metal exposed to the outside. You could also stuff some batt insulation into the shower box pretty easily.
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