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    Bill, here's some additional photos. Connected # 4 pin to controller's + connection and # 1 pin to controller's - connection on the bottom right side of the controller, from receptacle shown in Bill's 7 pin diagram. Purchased 7 pin receptacle from Walmart. Used a worn out camera tripod. I should have installed a 5A inline fuse between controller's + pin to #4 pin in the 7 pin receptacle, too.
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    We have Hull # 39 and it has the Dometic Horizon. The paper work has model # 97xxxxx.065. That is all I can find on it.
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    Last year, or maybe the year before, we bought a portable weBoost to test on our mountain property. It was simple. Plug into the 12v cigarette lighter outlet, put the antenna outside through the window. Portable means kind of "deploy every time." Unfortunately. we had zero tmobile signal, anywhere, when I did scans with our tmobile devices, so I returned it. You have to have some very weak signal to boost.... Our Verizon devices already worked fine. But, we did get a boost on the Verizon. That's why we carry devices from two carriers when we travel. Usually, if there's any signal at all, either tmobile or Verizon can connect. Sherry
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    Hi Shallowgal, Have you spoke to the Service Department? They can definitely give you a hand with any issues you are having. They can be reached at: 1-866-205-2621
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    As we were packing up our Elite II today (hull #351) to leave from Ridgway State Park, just north of Ouray, CO, the owner of hull #2 rolled up in his pickup the say Hi. He said that he first saw his eventual trailer (hull #2) when Jim Oliver was camping in it at Quartsite. He later visited the factory and bought the exact trailer (hull #2) as a demo unit from Jim. When he went back to the factory in the early days for a few issues, he said that Jim would ask him to stay at his house as a guest while waiting for the work to be completed. It sounds like he lived in it for a few years when he first bought in, now it’s just for recreation. I asked if he’d had any issues I should look for and couldn’t think of anything except a leaking double pain window seal. He was very nice and look forward to meeting him on the road again. It sounded like he spent little if any time on a computer and won’t stubble on this thread. I thought I’d add to the story by letting everyone know hull #2 is still in service.
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