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    It's been along time coming, and it certainly isn't the classic slab-sided offroader of the past, but it packs quite a few features and it tows. In fact, the towing assist features seem to be on par with what we've seen from Ford and GM, which is quite a surprise. This might not look too bad in front of an Ollie. It has a surprisingly reasonable base price as well. Of course, you can option it out probably close to $100k if you want. But I just built an extremely capable one with all the offroad gizmos I could choose and the bigger engine and it came out almost exactly the same price as my raptor.
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    Tech specs for towing list the tongue weight at 330 lbs?
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    Last time I was there, it was on the mountain bike. If you do dare to go into Canadia, the Banff national park is pretty sublime, but might limit your anti-bear tools. No great ideas for camping - I was sleeping under an emergency blanket on the side of the trail. Saw some interesting animals (big cats and bears), but none of them wanted to eat me. Maybe that will calm the wife down?
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    The Breaks is a love it or hate it kinda place. I personally love it and have spent a total of several years up there. We spend most of our time on the other side though. If you were in Winifred and went down to the ferry (stops running soon I think), cross the river and roam your way towards Chinnook or Big Sandy through the Bear Paws. BTW, there is a surprisingly mean burger in Winifred at the bar. I can't tell you much info for camping on the route you're headed on but if its like the rest of the breaks, you can probably just pull over anywhere and nobody will bother you. You can also most likely pull your trailer if you don't mind giving it a workout like I do. The thing you really need to watch this time of year though is rain. Maybe you're familiar with Gumbo? It doesn't take much moisture to turn it into a sloppy mess out there that only an ATV with chains can get through. As we get closer to winter if you get stuck you can just wait until morning to get out when the ground is frozen. Its dumping rain where I am just east of Missoula right now, not sure what its doing up on the hi-line. NOTE: If you have dogs, there is a mean case of blue green algae going around this year even in flowing water. My sister in laws pup died within 2 hours of swimming in the creek a couple weeks ago. Also, much like eastern washington, it can be littered with rattle snakes out there. As for elk, if you know where to look they are everywhere out there. Not sure if you want to see them in the wild or if you're just heading to Slippery Anne, though even at Slippery Anne they're gonna start heading for the hills fairly soon. Browning can be fun if you like to booze it up with some rowdy natives, but for the most part you're gonna wanna keep moving. In fact all of the reservations in the areas your going can be rough. Rocky Boy, Hays, Browning. Have fun exploring. The sunsets/rises and stars in the breaks are hard to beat. You're covering a ton of ground in only two weeks. If you find yourself heading through Clinton on your way to Helena and want a place to park for a night, send me a note. I live up Rock Creek.
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