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    Hey SeaDawg, WOW! Oliver posts HUGE images. Sorry to hear you don't have access to the posts. I thought it was public. I'll post the most informative screenshot thus far, but I'm sure the chatter will continue. It was like kicking an ant mound. Essentially, it sounds as if people who still want to gather at that time of of the year are choosing between 1 of three Alabama COE sites that hosted GE&H throughout the years, without any official leadership. I'll eventually update the rally's Website, but I have the OBX rally as my focus right now, and I need to give GE&H some time to regroup as it may.
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    We just visited Indiana Dunes National Park, just off I-80, 50 miles west of Chicago. It’s not in the class of Yellowstone but it’s a NP that’s close to I-80 and it’s worth a stop for the night or just to stretch your legs with a walk on the beach. The Dunewoods campground is electric only with central water and a dump station. The shower rooms are clean as are the restrooms. Depending on traffic, Starved Rock State Park is about 3 hours from the Dunes or 100 miles west of Chicago and also just of off I-80. The campground is not quite as clean as Dunewoods, but not bad. Lots of hiking available at Starved Rock. And I forgot the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN. It can be done in a couple of hours and has some interesting campers from the 30's and up. Happy camping, Mike
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    Thanks for the post - great data and the MPG looks great. It looks like Ford/Lincoln nailed it with the Expedition/Navigator. Hopefully we will have one or the other soon!
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    Just got back home with the Ollie and may post some of our thoughts on the ollie later but initial thoughts on the navigator was that it worked like a champ. Towing the ollie from Hohenwald, TH, to Greenville ,SC ( 450ish miles with some stops over three days to test out the Ollie) it did very well even across the mountains. For the most part it was hard to remember it was back there it was so smooth. I think that is helped by the anderson hitch as I do not think it was tightened enough for one short leg of the trip and I had a bit of bounce but once I got the hang of setting it up it was very smooth. Ascending hills was barely an inconvenience as the tow haul mode did its job fantastically, on the last leg we had an issue with the tow/haul mode indicator not lighting so I am not 100% sure it was engaged and I had to do a little manual downshifting on a 2-3 mile long 6% grade with one brake push as well but that was it. So I am very happy with the navigator as a tow vehicle so far. I had it on the adaptive cruise control for 90% of the trip and I got about 20ish MPG on the way out and about 14.5 on the way back with the ollie. It was better then I had expected given the hilly terrain and at that MPG you have about a 350 mile range with the 26 Gallon take ours has. I expect it would be a bit more through say nebraska. Comfort wise I think the Navigator is also top notch and I think the vehicle weight is a big plus for feeling safe while towing and heck just driving in general it hugs the road wonderfully. So far the 20 inch tires have been very good, but I think if we were going to do more boondocking we may swap them out for something smaller and more aggressive but so far I have never felt like the tire have slipped no matter what we have done with or without the Ollie. So that my initial impressions on the Lincoln navigator as a tow vehicle
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    For sometime, my wife and I have been unhappy with sleeping on the cushions that come standard with Elite Travel Trailers, not to be confused with the larger Elite II, standard with mattresses. I purchased a single sized foam mattress but this too was unwieldy, not fitting either bed well. I had talked to other Oliver owners and was referred to Southern Mattress located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I contacted them and they indeed confirmed they would custom make a mattress for my Oliver Elite. My conundrum was how I could configure the mattress to access the components and storage areas under the seats. A full sized mattress would be just too much to lift and hold in place as I pulled out storage items, much less to try to work on a component (electrical, hydraulics, water, etc.). As I explained this to my wife telling her I wanted to split the mattress in half, she pointed out it would be very uncomfortable, sliding down in the crack. She said " split it where the bench ends, 1/3 and 2/3s. The crack will be at your knees and you will not feel it". I contacted Southern Mattress and they agreed to cut it where ever I wanted it cut. I traveled to Rocky Mount, North Carolina and found this to be a family owned company. I arrived in late afternoon and the owner took me to his home. There, we hooked up my trailer with electrical and water on a pad next to his home. The next morning I pulled my trailer to the factory and they began to make my mattress. With each step, they asked me to approve the work, include changes I wanted made, etc. they measured the trailer, made the pattern and asked if I wanted extra room to be able to put bed linens on the mattress. The pattern was a good fit for the 2/3 - 1/3 combination. In short, I was very pleased with the mattress. I selected a 5" firm foam with another layer of soft memory foam. That night, I had the best sleep ever in my Oliver Elite. I also had a mattress made for the smaller dinette/bed. I used the single sized foam mattress that I had purchased earlier in the year. Southern Mattress did not object to this. Again, they cut the foam to the 1/3-2/3 combination. Each matress was covered in a premium quality quilted cover, fire retardant and straps sewn in to make moving easy. The mattress was double sewn all the way around to reinforce the straps. By noon, I was on the road, headed home. That night, I slept for the first time very comfortably on my new custom-made mattress. It now slides over easily and stores on top of the other matress while I access the storage and component areas. If you are interested in a quality mattress, custom made, they now have patterns for both the Elite and the Elite II. They can custom make you a mattress and ship to you. They do not press the mattress in a roll. Rather they box the mattress and ship it to you. Southern Matress Company 1812 Cokey Road Rocky Mount , North Carolina. 800-227-8701 Below are pictures of my mattresses in my Oliver Elite. Coy
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    The twin mattresses are 30” X 75” You may want to consider the thickness of the mattress as well. I do not like the foam mattress upgrade. It is HOT in the summer. I have the blue cool top. Great summer and winter No linens supplied by Oliver
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    Hi! So the twin mattress in the Elite 2 are standard size? The trailer doesn’t come with bed linens, correct? Regular twin sheets will fit? Thanks!
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    For those of you looking for a cheap way to increase your usable counter space the following will cost about $10.00. Sam's Club is selling a half inch thick 15 X 20 cutting board for $9.00 . The width was perfect for my sink so I cut it to length and notched it for the faucet. I used a table saw and jig saw to make the cuts but you could use hand tools. I then used pieces of the cut off mounted with stainless screws on both sides and the bottom to help hold it in place. Total time of the project was less than an hour.
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    I just purchased one of many gadgets for the Ollie thought I’d share it. From where else amazon. The make is Opolar model # CF02 mini car fan. It has USB plugin, mounts anywhere with suction cup. Has four fan speeds and is super quite. It moves a lot of air. The only thing is the USB cable is 10’ long i had a 6” cable that works great. I posted the pictures of it mounted. I’m not sure how to post the item on this site from amazon. If any one can help? Thanks I’m going to purchase a 2nd for the other side.
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    Cute little fan. Must not use much power to run on a usb. Let us know how it works out. I wish Vornado would make the Zippi in a 12v version. So far, everything Vornado that I've seen requires shore power or an inverter. Another alternative, and cute choice, is the highly rated Caframo Ultimate marine fan. Watch for sales, it's definitely a bit pricier, but great ratings in the sailing community.Caframo Ultimate
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    I received my new 2 5/16” head, it is gorgeous but I have questions.... I emailed Andersen for clarification. Is that blue ring the friction cone, or a separate water seal? As delivered, it doesn’t contact the black retaining ring, but with towing use the cone (and blue ring?) will extrude upwards into the retainer ring, hopefully creating a water tight connection. Fingers crossed.... The new whaletail is silver, but its does NOT have the swiveling pin lugs, it is built similar to the old one except the internal diameter of the large hole is smaller. It won’t fit over the tail of my old ball... ??? I also got a new 2 5/16” Bulldog coupler for $88 shipped. I will start a new thread for the coupler and for the hitch when I install them, which will be in a week, as I have a trip to the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon, starting in a couple of days. John Davies Spokane WA
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    Well, the $100 upgrade offer mentioned in the Technical Bulletins section still works! I am going to receive the very latest ball mount assembly, the newer style silver pivoting whale-tail, and the larger 2 5/16” ball and a spare friction cone. The Andersen tech called me this morning and told me that this version has a circular collar on top that secures the friction cone and also incorporates an effective water seal. It is held down with six allen head screws. I will start a new thread about this with pics when I get the parts in a few days. They are including a prepaid shipping label so I can send the old parts back. (FYI I did not have to send my old unit to them first, for modification, as mentioned in the Bulletin.) I also ordered a new larger coupler here : https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZRVQPVK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If you want to do this upgrade, take pictures of your old hitch, and send your request as an email to Andersen, and mention the $100 trade-up offer. Be sure to say that it is creaking and making nasty noises and include your shipping info and a phone number. They will call to verify details and get a credit card number. http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/fyi-andersen-wd-hitch-ball-locking-up-or-load-noise-11/ Email: customerservice@anderseninc.com I have to say that Andersen customer service is darned good, maybe as good as Oliver’s. John Davies Spokane WA
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    Maverik, can you post some close-up pictures? What did they do to change the ball mount, there is something about a retaining flange mod. Is that supposed to keep out moisture better? How many towing miles have you put on the new version? Water is the downfall of mine. Usually the environment is really dry here but we had a couple of 2-hour torrential downpours in the last few days and that really got the ball squawking and popping. It will dry out and quiet down, but that takes a while.... OTH I could just carry my 4 pound sledge hammer and whack it out each morning to dry it off. But that might look alarming to some campers.... Thanks, John Davies Spokane WA
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    Hello - new here from WA state. We just bought a used but new Elite II with twin beds. It had no a/c and came with an induction cooktop. We are adding the a/c and solar. My question is what has everyone done for back support during the day so, as someone on here put it, you are not either sitting up ramrod straight or laying down? I am thinking of putting a small ottoman/storage cube between the beds for a footrest that can be scooted up next to nightstand at night out of the way. But I am not sure what to do about back support. Any suggestions? Next, I am concerned that the fabric from the factory on the cushions is going to be hot to sleep on regardless of what is put over it. Much like a waterproof mattress pad we had to rip off our bed one time. I sew, so I could potentially recover these. Debating what to do there. We are new to RVing too...I am devouring all these posts, searching old one and really appreciate the input. Jennifer and Dan Bellingham, WA
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    I have been trying to figure out how to stream video in our Ollie while at home and have unlimited bandwidth using our home wifi. The ROKU streaming system looks pretty good but I have questions for anyone who has used this or other streaming devices. 1. Will it work on a 12 volt TV? There will be 120V AC available as we are parked at home and our Ollie is plugged in, but the TV is still 12 volt. 2. Our Jensen TV has only 1 HDMI jack. This jack is being used to connect the TV to the Furrion (my best guess). The ROKU device needs a HDMI jack on the TV for the best picture. Can I use a 1:2 HDMI splitter to get the needed two inputs? As far as I can tell, ROKU has no customer service person to talk to.... Having our trailer at home is like having a small addition put on our house. It has been as great to have at home as on the road, well, almost!! If I get Netflix in there, I may never come out, LOL! Dave
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    LOVE this idea (that drawer is so deep it seems useless), and Chad needs projects to work on while waiting for the Ollie! Any idea what the dimensions are, or which tray you got from target? I agree that I would run felt on the top edges of the drawer to protect them and still allow a slide. Thanks oodles! -Kathryn
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    One of the things I asked Oliver to do for me was to install a 12" counter extension to the right of the cooktop that could be folded down when not in use. I figured we could use the extra counter space, plus I wanted a buffer between the cooktop and beds for splatter. This is what they came up with - This was perfectly fine and exactly what I was expecting, and we've really enjoyed using it. The only thing I didn't really like was that the hardware was finicky and just didn't work well. And the top ended up about 9" rather than 12", so it was a little small. And we had asked if they could make a piece of fiber granite to match, but they'd have to make a new mould for it so that wasn't going to happen. It also would have been nice if the extension were flush to the counter. So maybe a lot of problems. But we were happy with it nonetheless. But one day when I was running some wires through the pantry, I had removed the countertop beneath for access and just naturally set it down on top of the counter extension. Well, it fit perfectly; and thus, a new project was added to the list. I asked Oliver if they would sell me an extra top and picked it up when I got my trailer out of service a few weeks ago. I believe they charged $150 for it. Since I was redoing the top, I figured I'd search for better hardware as well. I found several options, but the ones that stood out were these from Amarine. They're super heavy duty and stainless steel. They work much better than what we had, and look nicer to boot. The only problem was that they were about a half inch too long for the countertop, so they'd have to be cut to size. But worth the trouble, so I ground the ends off a half inch. If you don't want to go through that trouble, my second choice was these, which are small enough to fit without modification. I cut a ½" piece of plywood that I could screw into to use as the base for the top. A ½" sheet will sit flush to the lip of the counter, which is what I wanted, but to make the countertop flush to the existing counter, it meant the hinges had to be high enough that I had to grind out a small notch for each hinge to clear. No big deal - btw, a Dremel with a small sanding cylinder works really well on the fiberglass, and leaves a smooth edge and no chipping whatsoever. Wear a mask. Here are the notches - The brackets are easy, just mark the holes, drill, and screw. I used ¾" #10 stainless on the bottom legs and ¼" #8's on the top. And 3M 4200 along each leg and on each screw going into the fiberglass to prevent it from backing out over time. Since none of the surfaces in the trailer are perfectly 90°, I needed to shim something to make the counter level. I considered grinding down the latch that holds the brackets at 90°, but that would have been difficult and if I ground off too much, I'd have to buy another bracket. Instead, I decided to shim between the plywood and fiber granite and then glue the top to the plywood with more 3M 4200, which I'm using so much that I've started referring to it around the house now as Snowball Glue. It's only about ⅛" max to shim - I used some stainless washers that I had lying about and just glued them down in each of the corners. I found that the top was a bit warped, so I had to weigh it down while the glue set - See, I knew lead acid batteries still had a use. I let it sit overnight and in the morning, I had what's in the photo above. Cool. BTW, if you want to do this and have mattresses, then you'll want to check their thickness to make sure the extension will clear when folded. Measure down 12" from the bottom lip of the counter. If your mattress is below that, you're good. If you have cushions, then no problem, but you'll need to move one of the back ones out of the way when raising or lowering the top. More pics -
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    I had a factory installed shower curtain in front of my toilet in my 2018 Oliver Elite 11. I hung a curtain on the tract but it falls down. There's nothing installed to prevent the entire curtain from sliding down the track. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    We got the cushions from Oliver for one side too. We have found that we don't use them like we thought we would and its to many cushions to deal with at night for us so we now just carry 2 of them (one for each side) and leave the rest at home. We also have some throw pillows and between them and the 2 cushions it works for almost any sitting or lounging position.
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    Neglected to mention that the back cushions from Oliver are joined together via snaps. This helps with both keeping them together while in place and makes it easy to remove/replace them when the bed is used for sleeping or for when one wants to gain access to the compartments underneath. Bill
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    Okay, thanks. I think we either need to order some cushions or perhaps have some made and go from there. I'm anxious to make our first trip (Oregon coast in June).
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    Toojennifer, we ordered the back cushions for our twin beds/benches which gives us good back support. Even though we ordered custom mattresses, we still use the back cushions for back support. See the attached pic.
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    The paper towel holder is this one. We really like it - it has a spring that keeps the roll from unrolling while traveling, which also gives it just enough tension to make it easy to rip of a sheet one handed. The nets I'll need to take some photos of and post about. It's a simple mod that has really helped out day to day organization. We have them over the front door, over the beds, etc. I'll see if I can take some photos and maybe put them into the Snowball thread later today.
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    Greg: Where did you purchase the shower rod from? Also do you have the model number for the shower rod? I assume you mounted the shower rod using SS screws and the 3M 5200 marine sealant was used around the screws. I have been looking for a shower rod to install in the same location as your rod is mounted. Thanks in advance for the information.
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    Bill, Here is the link to the towel bar we bought. I put it up about 2 weeks ago and we have been on the road now for a week. We spent some time in Jake's Lake,AZ., then up to Bryce Canyon N.P. where we had two days with Don, (mini Oliver gathering) then we are headed over to Arches for a couple days, then work our way back home. So far it's holding very good and no sign of coming loose, and yes, it's attached on the front of the frig door, and very handy. We also got that screen door handle that I think you posted about. Last evening, Don and I, did some fresh water tank filling with a bucket and short garden hose. With Carol's help (our own resident expert) and of course reading the manual we got enough water in our tanks to get us to the next camp site. It's always good to do these things at home before you get out in the boonies, but then again, we did a practice run and promply forgot what we did. Dang old people, you can't teach them anything. https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Contemporary.../B00OH4ID9U KES Suction Cup Single Towel Bar SUS 304 Stainless Stan
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    This is not exactly the answer to the question that Stan asked regarding using suction cups to hold up a towel rack or paper towel holder - but - on the suggestion of one of our fellow members that attended to Eggs on the Hiawasee rally, I bought both the small and large versions of suction cups sold at Harbor Freight. Both hold very nicely. I needed a way to hang my wet fishing waders up to dry after a day of fishing. I simply put on of the large bright orange ones on the side of the camper near the door. Right before I go to bed I take the now dry waders in all ready for the next day. The bright orange color reminds me to remove it before breaking camp and heading on down the road. Currently these large ones are on sale for $2.00. I use the smaller black ones inside the closet to hold my laundry bag. After a week it still is sucking. Bill
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    Dave, I am trying to figure out the best solution as well. On our trip home we wanted to watch the Spurs/Thunder NBA playoff game (we are just a little bit San Antonio Spurs fans). The only way I could get it to work, since it wasn't broadcasted, was to hook up my Apple TV into the HDMI on the TV, which meant unplugging the Furion. I got the game on the ESPN app on my iPhone and streamed it to the Apple TV hooked up to the TV. I haven't had time to work on it, but I'm wondering what ports are on the back of the Furion. I'd like to hook up an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. Mike
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