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  1. We picked up Hull #201 March 27 and had a wonderful week on the road visiting Nashville and Cleveland on the way back to New Jersey. It was a great experience at the factory and the sales center. Many thanks to the Oliver team!
  2. We also are taking the credit and OTT will put in a flip down TV for us. We need to drop ship it just like you. We looked for 24" 1080P with HDMI model but did not find one that is as big as the factory TV which is 24". What did you all find? What is being put in you trailers? Right now the best we have found is a 22" 1080P with HDMI but have not bought it yet hoping something bigger will emerge.
  3. Hi Karen - Did you remove the Oliver Owners group? It now says not found. If you did it makes sense to only have one. I'm trying to do more on Facebook and trying to get more familiar with it. But I do love the forum here, so will split time between the two.
  4. We think this mount is perfect. Thanks for the link ScubaRx. It's better than the flip down TV that didn't have good reviews on Amazon and your suggestion is much more versatile. We are going to talk to our Oliver sales rep to see if they will install this with the standard TV on it in the middle position. They can even ask them to reinforce the other side where it is mounted like we saw they do at the factory for the awning mounts.
  5. That would be great to go to the next Oliver rally! Hope to see the Lone Star and lots of new Oliver friends there.
  6. We locked in a build date (December 5) a few weeks ago and yesterday we visited the Oliver factory and finalized our order. Stan and I (Linda) are very excited! I'm including a picture of the factory. I think our delivery will be March 2017. Everyone at the sales center was so nice and helpful. The plant tour by Jason was awesome. About a month ago we saw two Legacy Elite II models from other owners and also had many conversations with Anita our wonderful sales person, so we had an idea of what we wanted to order. The only moment of panic was finding out that the fiber granite colors have changed and the new ones are very different. After agonizing over the choices we finally came to a conclusion, but I have time to change my mind before production. I'd love to hear from other 2017 model owners who have chosen from the new colors. They only have tiny samples at the moment and we were only able to see the black and light beige fiber granite in actual units. If anyone could post interior pictures that would be great. We chose black leather (not real) for the dinette from the Kovi fabrics, the black fiber granite with white specs, black cabinet covers and grey plank-like floors. We are going with the twin bed and got the new upgraded foam. Does anyone have the new foam? Do you like it?
  7. We just did a factory tour yesterday and John Oliver's new trailer was on the production line. He has a new flip down TV in his trailer and Jason (sales rep) said they may start offering something like it. He said the problem with the one that John Oliver picked out for his trailer is that it is not high definition and does not have HDMI connection. Jason is going to look to see if there is one offered that is as high quality as the one offered in the corner now. The other thing Jason has to do is to get it approved because it has to be certified as not blocking the emergency exit which is the window. That is why they cannot put the stationary TV there now. He thinks the flip down will be OK for regulations but needs to see if there is a higher quality model. If anyone has suggestions on a model we will let Jason know and if approved get it in our trailer. My husband Stan in picture below is pointing to John Oliver's name on the shell. The other picture is the flip down TV. You have to click on it to see the full picture.
  8. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures. I'm wondering what interior color choices you made. My husband and I are finalizing our choices. Any pics of interior?
  9. We have not purchased yet but close. We should be owner by spring time. Count us in. The sooner you lock down dates the better. I need to block off my work calendar. Unfortunately I'm still working and jealous of those that have retired.
  10. We caught up with Mike and Carol yesterday to see the Lone Star Oliver in West Point, NY. The drive there was lovely with the blazing fall colors everywhere we looked. It reminded us again of why we want to get a travel trailer and experience all the wonders of the outdoors. Then we arrived at the Lone Start campsite. Wow! The Lone Star Oliver is truly beautiful and our questions have been answered about size and comfort. It has plenty of room for two people to get around comfortably. The kitchen and storage is very adequate for our needs. My husband is 6 foot tall and he had plenty of head room. In the shower he only had an inch to spare but no problem. The wet bath was much more functional than we feared and we think it will work out fine. We heard about the quality of the Oliver and saw Buzzy's videos (which are great) but nothing compares to seeing it in person. Mike and Carol are such a kind and sharing couple and we are so very grateful for them opening up their Lone Star for us to experience. I think there is an Oliver in our future. Thanks everyone that posted on this tread, Linda.
  11. Looks like we will be able to catch up with Lone Star in WestPoint NY on the weekend. It's not too far from our home in NJ. Thanks for the kind suggestion Try2Relax and many thanks to Lone Star for being willing to coordinate a viewing and conversation. Sent private message with contact info etc.
  12. Thank you, Try2Relax. We will get in touch with you if something local does not materialize in a week. I sent a message to Mike & Carol to see if they were open to meeting up if it fits their schedule and if we don't find something before they come this way.
  13. I'm happy you posted this because my husband and I are seriously considering purchasing the Elite II and want to hear the feedback and opinions also. We almost purchased an airstream but wanted to check out four season trailers and discovered the Oliver on-line. We spoke to the sales person and they are currently contacting people in the PA and NJ area to see if we can take a look at one. We recently purchased a 2016 Ford F150 Max Tow Ecoboost when we were considering the airstream and it can easily handle the Oliver. This will be our first travel trailer so low maintenance and easy towing with the Oliver is appealing. We will both be retired at the end of next year and want to visit many National and State parks and play golf in every state. Our biggest concern is whether the Elite II will be too small for us and whether we will be ok with the wet bath. I know a lot will come down to personal preference but it would be good to hear if other couples find it comfortable.
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