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  1. I had the exact problem with mine. What I did to correct this issue was went through the starting procedure again and now using the Honda 2000i it works like a charm. It took a good while before even thinking about the start up procedure. If you have not tried that I would give it a shot. Using one 2000 w gen works well with the Honda on eco mode, I just get the impression the thing is working hard.
  2. My cheap telescopic ladder needs a crowbar to extend some of the rungs. One day I was cleaning the solar panels and the rung was not locked into place. I dropped like a rock and tore off the porch light. Funny thing is I checked or so I thought I did ensure it was locked... Wrong!
  3. Oh CRAP, I just spent the last 3 days shinning Ollie up. Seeing your image Overland makes me cringe.
  4. I just finished today using REJEX and applied it while the sun was shinning. While applying it was somewhat difficult to see where I put it and where I did not. After waiting the 15-20 minutes I uses a microfiber cloth and I must say I'm impressed. I plan on putting another coat on some.
  5. I average about 80 amh per night. Oliver needs to offer a BMS as an upgrade for those that enjoy off grid camping. This will tell you in real time what is going on.
  6. Just went and checked the drawl of the inverter with no other drawl. Normally during boondocking I'll have the inverter on all day running a laptop and other little things and still get 100% state of charge by 2-3pm in full sunshine. Once again unless you have a way of monitoring your batteries you have not a clue.
  7. I like the one Bill posted better then what I got.
  8. This is the cheap cap I use. I need to repaint it because I don't like the blue.
  9. Mine does the same thing when water gets in the tow connection. I now have a cap I put on it and does not happen anymore.
  10. Cheap often costs more and most people will save a nickel to lose a dollar. Oliver is about quality. I would never finance one personally, but my mindset differs from many.
  11. I'm happy with the Tri-Metric and think Oliver should offer a monitoring system as a upgrade.
  12. Spending that much hard earned cash on a new vehicle like this is crazy unless you have a lot of disposable cash. I'm amazed how people take out basically a house mortgage for a vehicle.
  13. I think of battery management being a very important aspect especially when camping off the grid. This link explains the importance of a good battery monitoring system. Manyt have ways of getting by with out them, but if you want to understand exactly what is going on a battery monitor is the best way. http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/battery-monitoring/#post-11798
  14. Oliver is going to take care of this window issue and I must say I'm very impressed with their level of professionalism in helping us. They truly are a company above the rest. Sorry for my ranting and displaying my frustration publicly on this forum.
  15. EXACTLY! I would have never known how bad it truly is unless I took off the window blind. Now it reveals the underlying issue. This breaks my heart especially having been at the plant telling them of this leak.
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