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  1. Hi, you 33 lucky Oliver owners!! I'm starting to look for my towmobile and I'm thinking a 6-cylinder might be better on gas than an 8. Wondering what everyone is pulling the Oliver with... Are you all V-8s? Small 8s or big 8s? Anything in size 6? Size 4??? Also, any recommendations about AWD/4WD versus 2WD? I'm buying used so I can have more money to spend on Ollie options. Thanks much! CarolAnn
  2. I would love to see Seadawg's pictures on flickr. Just went there and couldn't find "seadawg." Listed under another name? Thanks, Carol
  3. Cherie, you are the woman I've aspired to be but have never come close to becoming! Not wash my hair every day, whether it needs it or not? A shower that's not guaranteed to be the "perfect" temperature--every morning and sometimes more often. I have looked in the mirror and found myself wanting. I'm off to get some baking powder--or is it baking soda--or baking... See, I have a long way to go, but I AM going to try the hair thing. Take care, Carol
  4. Techno Chris, you're a big fan of the T@B, but what did you do about a loo? Girl's gotta have her bathroom!!! Well, this girl, anyway. The T@DA has bathroom facilities, but I don't believe you can hook it into a sewer line. The thought of toting my 5-gallon jug around every day or two is not appealing. If they can figure out a hookup, well, I'd consider either. But... I'm still hoping for an Oliver, but it's great to have backup plans. As far as towing with the 6-cylinder Subie, the dealer said to get a transmission cooler installed to protect the transmission. CarolAnn
  5. If station wagons are welcome, even without a molded piece of fiberglass tagging along behind, I'd love to go to Arkansas for the rally. I'm putting it on my calendar as soon as I log off. I have a very old and equally beloved dog that I'm hovering over now, so it all depends on how he's doing. But I think it will be great fun! And I'll try very hard to limit the questions--but I'm not promising anything!! Carol
  6. Stuart, I lived in Utah for several years and visited often for many more. My idea of a challenge is pulling up that loooonnnnnggg climb from SLC to Park City. I figure if I get a vehicle that can tow the trailer up that comfortably, I can do whatever I want. I also want to be able to cross the Rockies. Keep in mind that I don't plan to go off on little back roads, etc. Do you agree with my assessment of that climb, or do you think it's not such a big one? CarolAnn
  7. Jam49, I've sent pm before but it was mostly by accident. If I click PM under your message, I get your message again. Not sure how to reply to it. I'll keep working on it. This interface is pretty intuitive, but there are some glitches.... CarolAnn
  8. You mean I don't have to choose which flux-capacitor-powered-left-handed-whatcha-ma- call-it I want? You're right, of course, Pete. I just need to order a "trailer" and not worry about the gadgets. The main concern is the price rising so fast, which I certainly understand from Oliver's viewpoint. I just read on CNN that gas may get to $6.00 by the end of the year. My next stop is craigslist where I will be searching for a team of oxen, hopefully with yoke included. I guess I'll have to ask the factory if one team will do it or if I need more of the critters. And we thought oxen were a thing of the past... CarolAnn
  9. Thanks for the feedback, jam49. I was feeling pretty good about the Oliver, but now not so much. The price is going up faster than I can get my resources together. I'm starting to look at other alternatives which saddens me. I'm also a little intimidated when I hear about putting this fancy thing-a-ma-jig in such-and-such a tight spot and selecting this gizmo over that. It now seems so complicated. I just wanted a nice little trailer to call home. Hope it all works out for you! CarolAnn
  10. $25,750 for the base classic. That can't be. There's too small a range between that price and the top-the-line with all the accessories and options. Maybe they've added a lot of options to the "base." Wow.
  11. Thanks, Doug1!!! The prices are interesting and helpful. Are those items that you added as options for the Elite? I'm going to make a superset of features--including the long list I got from Pete--and start checking off the have-to-haves, so-so, etc.
  12. Just went to the Fiamma site. Love the sides on the awning. Does anyone with an Oliver have those? Some people carry those little tents with sides, but this looks so convenient. I also like the idea of a bike rack on the trailer. I bet Oliver would put one on if I asked???
  13. I have perused the features charts and the differences I spot are options versus features and a set of 5 Elite Options that you can't get on the Classic. Am I close? (Oh, the Classic doesn't get a microwave.) For example, if I really want double pane windows, I must get the Elite with all of its other features. Same is true for the bigger wheels/tires. If those 5 Elite Options are not essential, I get the Classic and pick and choose what I want added (everything!!!). Am I on the right track Oliver owners? I've seen postings for, "I just ordered a new Elite!!" Don't recall any such announcements for "my new Classic." CarolAnn
  14. Thanks for the info, Techno. Your T@B is as handsome as can be. However, my biggest, strongest, most significant, can't-do-without-it option is a great bathroom. Gotta have that! Everything else comes after.
  15. Oh, boy! Maybe I can see it some day, Doug1. I've seen the WonderEgg. That's what got me started on the Oliver. Had been thinking about the Casita, but was very disappointed when I saw it. Then Pete showed me his trailer and I loved it! I'm in Austin.
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