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  1. If you decide on painting yours, contact me and I’ll let you know what you shouldn’t probably paint. We have the red JellyBean pictured above. For example, do not paint the rubber window gasket/glazing beads. It fades/cracks and distracts from the look. I’m currently in the process of replacing all of mine with black. :)
  2. Perfect idea Mike! I’m going to add felt to ours since the grip is super strong :) Thanks!
  3. I used the removable “command strips” to attach ours. Picture hanging strips. It was all planned to be temporary in case I didn’t like it but so far it is great. And stuck tight. I just attached the pic of the ones with the attached 3M tape as another possibility. :) The JellyBean is going strong. Just got back from a Thanksgiving Week trip to Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. That park is amazing. My current project is replacing all of the painted red rubber window glazing strips with black. The black looks much nicer since the red paint likes to chip and crack off. Thought it would be an easy job. Bwhahaha!! I’ve managed to replace one half of one small window. Just can’t get it in there. I’m about to throw in the towel and see if I can find a local business that will do it.
  4. We bought magnetic RV baggage door magnets. I used command hook tape to stick each side to the bottom of the door frame and the matching side to the lower side of the dinette seat. You don’t even notice them. We’ve used these for about a year now in the Texas heat and they are still going strong. Just doing a google search for RV baggage clips and I came across another type that already has 3M tape attached. Like a round knob. Looks very nice.
  5. We don’t usually go camping with our dogs. The little one is not too people friendly and the big one is just too big. However, we had to take them a little while ago when we evacuated from the hurricane. It was a tight squeeze as Duke took up the whole floor.
  6. For the first time I noticed two switches mounted above the outside faucet in the battery compartment. One switch controls a handy little light installed behind it but I can’t figure out what the other switch does. Any ideas?
  7. We have a 2008 but our blinds are bright white. Lol
  8. Perfect!! We used Google Earth to pick a spot that had the most tree coverage and away from the open spaces near the water. Lol. Looks like we found the right spot. Thanks!
  9. Ok. Nobody has picked section B. Lol. Is that a bad thing? Do you know something that we don’t. :) Brandi and Winn
  10. Perfect. I was leaning towards a max fan that I can leave open. Our Oliver has a fantastic fan that has to open and close. Thanks!
  11. We want to replace our ceiling fan that came standard. Sometimes it works. And sometimes I have to wiggle the fuse to get it to work. Because of this, I can’t reallt trust it to close if it’s raining since it might choose that time to go wonky on me. I want to buy the best one if I’m going to the trouble to replace it. Wanna do a little upgrading before the rally. :) are there any highly recommended ones?
  12. We made it back to town. Minor damage. We were lucky that we didn't receive anywhere near what they were predicting. It was an adventure. Hubby ended up being made commander of Texas State Guard as he wasn't called in because of evacuation status. JellyBean became headquarters! Lol. We had shore power, a laptop, and hot spots from the phones. Daughter is currently deployed to Houston as part of National Guard.
  13. All Texas State parks are free for evacuees. However, this was already a planned trip so it was paid for. Lol. First time we've been here. I highly recommend it. Very well kept with spacious spots. Now. Does anyone have any tips for the extreme humidity inside? AC is not helping. Feel wet and sticky. Yuck
  14. Floresville issued a voluntary evacuation. They are projecting 70mph winds for tomorrow. We don't have our camper shed built yet, so we loaded up the JellyBean and took off. We are hunkering down in Burnet, TX at Inks Lake SP. Had to bring the dogs. Weenie dog fits fine. It's another story for the Great Dane! Lol.
  15. We have reserved spot B 06
  16. Manuals? Oh I have something. A collection of odd and end papers. Mostly advertising fliers for appliances. I have hull number 10. I don't think manuals were high on the priority list at that time. I've read them through at least four times. They assume you already have background knowledge in RVing and skim over the basics. The manuals online concentrate on the newer models and usually the bigger one. Many things are not even covered. I still have unlabeled switches at the door area that I have no idea what they do. Even Pete doesn't have the same setup and his is the same year model. I think these Olivers were tweaked on every hull in the beginning so they are slightly different. I have truly been searching for weeks so I wouldn't have to pester people here. I've watched numerous "RV for dummies" videos. I don't mind trial and error. I just don't want to cause an expensive screw up. We are camping this Thursday so I figured I ran out of time and needed to know what that black handle was for.
  17. I thought about those stain glass window films. Would look really cool but I would think light would still come in. I attached the curtain to the screen door with Velcro so the main door can be hooked open and I can either roll up the curtain or remove it entirely. I'll probably just roll it up and leave it attached so it has a "home". I've seen fan shroud covers that look smoky but it seems quite cluttered up there already with the AC and that huge king dome thing that I will never use. :D I'm just piddling around trying to learn systems and make/gather things for the camper. Just finished making a drawstring bag for a travel blow drier and I monogrammed our names onto our camp chairs! I've only got a little bit of time left until school starts and all projects will have to stop until Thanksgiving break lol
  18. We are slowly trying to learn the systems of our new to us Ollie. I have been googling and youtubing unsuccessfully on how to use the black pull handle in the bathroom labeled "back flow preventer". Right now it's in the "open" configuration. When do I close it, if ever? I'm trying to learn these systems before I screw something up that will cost us a fortune to fix. Never had a camper with water heaters, black tanks, ceiling fans, grey tanks, etc. lol I think I've finally figured out how the fan works. I couldn't figure out how to work it but then I realized that is because the little fuse knob is sketchy. If I wiggle it it starts working again. I thought I was doing it wrong! Got it to close automatically when it started raining! Woohoo! Does everyone just leave it set so it will open and close by itself? Oh I guess I better not do that. It would be my luck that the fuse gets wonky and then it won't shut in the rain. No idea how to fix that! We are going camping next weekend and I want to at least use the potty. ;) no ideal yet about the water heater so no showers yet. I need a "RV for dummies" book. Thank you for any basic knowledge help you can provide a newbie! :)
  19. It's totally clear. But it is an old timer at hull number 10. Lol od still make a curtain even with a frosted glass though because I like it totally pitch black to sleep. :)
  20. Now I know many of you use a handy tshirt to block the light at your door window.....:) I recovered the head bumper ( I may have forgotten to mail it to the upholstery person!) oops ... and I made a simple roll up and tie curtain for the window. There was already a piece of Velcro at the top of the screen door so maybe it had a curtain at one time? Don't know. Anyone have a curtain? Besides light it seems like it's going to really help with the heat too. Hmmm I still have extra fabric. Maybe some toiletry bags and a dirty clothes hamper? Lol I Have time to sew right now since I'm a teacher still on summer break. Lol
  21. Thanks for pointing out these facts. I was all excited. I like things to have homes. I'm not worried about the after driving condition of the items since it would be things like wheel chocks etc. not sure if it comes in the right width but I did see several options. The rusting thing is something that I didn't consider. Great point. I don't really like the look of any kind of box attached on the back so that's a no go. We don't have much to store in there, I just like to have each camper completely stocked and ready to pull away with without having to grab a tote box of misc stuff. Our Uhaul has plenty of room for storage under all of the seats. I'm able to store blankets, pillows, hoses, extension cords and so on. The Oliver has no real storage for things like that. I'm still working on finding homes for everything. ;) thank you. Back to the drawing board. Lol
  22. Ok. I'm still in the honeymoon phase of camper ownership and I've been googling camper accessories that we might need. ;) i came across this bolt on under chassis slide out drawers. Since we have the shorty Ollie we don't have storage for tool type things. It would be nice to ditch the "misc. box" from the back of the truck. So... a question to all of you wonderful RV experts. Is this a good idea? Would it change towing in a negative way? Anyone have one? Attached are pictures. Thanks!!!
  23. We wanted new cushions for the JellyBean. Somehow this bright red camper wound up with brown and light blue cushions that just didn't quite work. We had the hubby's upholstery cousin sew us up some new ones. Love them. Much brighter now
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