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  1. I replaced the one I bought 2 days ago with same kind and configured like pictures. Works better but I think it’s normal to drop pressure 5 lbs from set point. Mine set at 50 and drops to 45. I definitely noticed a nice difference in pressure. Worth it to me.
  2. John thanks for this post. I bought one yesterday and am going to configure it like yours I think. I had it at the hydro first. But I have a question. You said in an earlier response the if the gauge changes pressure readings when you turn on water in the trailer, that means the gauge is bad. That is what mine is doing. I set it 50, but when I turn on the water inside or the outside shower, it drops to 45. I am going to exchange it today, but can you clarify if I understand correctly? Also, Jason at Oliver said keeping pressure at 50 to 55 is fine. That they tested them at the factory to 80 but the problem with any higher then 50 to 55 could cause the hot water heater pop off valve to go. With mine set at 50 now, I am very pleased at the increase pressure inside so don’t see a need to go higher. Just thought I would mention it.
  3. Follow up. I called MaxxFan and their tech support would only talk to dealers not consumers. So I called Oliver and talked to Jason detailing all. He said not that common but when they have had a problem with the fan, it was the board. He mailed me a new one yesterday and I will be returning the old one under warranty. Will follow up one last time once replaced with hopefully fan working again. Thanks for all the responses.
  4. My hull number is 246. I am familiar with the wiring behind the Furrion. I did look there again and don’t see any wires that look like they go to the fan. BUT, I check again today at the fan circuit board and did read 14 volts power. So this negates my earlier post of no power to the fan. Had to make contact on the back side of board. A little difficult so maybe I didn’t have good contact before. Anyway, That leaves the circuit board on the MaxxFan I suppose. I will try to post a picture.
  5. Mike thanks for responding. I will check today. I did look at the wiring in the pantry portal behind the switches at the door because an older post with older trailer apparently had a switch there. I did see a pigtailed yellow wire there. On the fan itself, there is no yellow wire. There are only two; black and white. 2 come in from one side of the fan and are wired directly to the circuit board. I checked there. Two more come in the corner where the circuit board is and use a connector to two black and whites. Those two go to the switches on the front of the fan. I disconnected at the joint and checked for power on the incoming connection and I checked there. I am assuming the black is ground and the white is hot but I checked it both ways as I would only get a negative reading if I were reversed.
  6. Thats a good idea Bill. Hadn’t thought of that. When you say control board, you mean the circuit board in the fan?
  7. I have searched this topic and found others issues but mine seems unique. I have a 2017 Elite II. First my switch in the cabinet over the TV marked Blower is on, I have checked my fuse under the table and it is fine. I used my volt meter to check power at the fuse panel and it is good. I removed the fan fuse and checked it there and it is good. I checked the continuity of the fuse and it is good. I pulled the fan panel down and checked incoming power on the wires- none. The bathroom fan works and they are on the same circuit so from all this I can deduce somewhere from the fuse panel to the attic fan I have a power loss OR there is some circuit or switch I have forgotten about OR perhaps a sensor? I can manually open the cover but neither remote nor on fan buttons will turn it on....because it is not getting power. Any ideas? I have exhausted my trail.
  8. Yes turn the Furrion stereo input to AUX. You will have to turn up volume more. I like to turn the tv volume down. It will play through all four speakers but you can just play through front or back by selection on Furrion. My best sound comes from just using the back speakers next to the TV. If doesn’t work, check the RCA output connections on TV are good.
  9. Anyone else ever had a problem draining the freshwater tank? Up until recently, mine drained fine but this last trip, I turned the valves to drain and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t drain. Even opened the kitchen and bathroom faucets to make sure could pull air. I wound up having to run the pump through the system to get the water out. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi Matt. Great question. I have same situation. Don’t know the answer but would like too. Hopefully you will get an answer.
  11. Thanks Bill. I figured out that I had to set my Furion receiver to AV and turn the volume way up. It comes through the speakers but not until you hit about 35 on the volume number. My 2017 did have RCA audio video cables connected to the out on the TV and the in on the receiver. I just wasn’t turning the volume up enough. I don’t know why because the HDMI connection for DVD is not like that. I may call Furion and ask them. Shouldn’t be that way. There is an audio coax cable out on the TV but not an audio coax in on the receiver. That would give the highest and best sound quality. Not sure why Furion did it that way. Anyway it is working and with the AC on Low fan and the Receiver set to AV, I can now hear the TV well. I do believe the AC actually cools better on low fan.
  12. Has anyone experienced haveing the unit on Auto and have it cut off? Mine ran all night on high even set at 72. Also, the other thing that came up in this thread is listening to the TV through the stereo speakers. I see audio out cables from the TV in the wire group but they must not be connected to my Furion receiver. No selection plays TV sound through the 4 speakers, only DVD. The Furion receiver manual shows an Audio in but perhaps mine are not connected or I haven’t found the TV menu option to divert the sound. I did try the AC on low today and it is much much better even from the TV speakers..
  13. I didn’t see another setting on the thermostat for cool and low, only auto. Is there a manual override?
  14. Just read through all the post. I had the exact same question last week while camping in high humidity. Ran the unit all night and cannot hear TV well even using 4 speakers. The AC never cut on and off even if I set the temp higher. I assumed it should and I don’t know how to set the fan to low. Any answers on that?
  15. Just realized I never replied to my post as to what the problem was. The pump was bad. Oliver sent me a new one and no problems since. When I pulled the existing one out and direct connected it to a battery - nothing. I know it worked at the factory because there was plastic shreds in the filter. No other explanation.
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