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  1. is there a adaptation to recycle grey water onboard an ollie? with a composting toilet...both the grey and black tank could be used to filter/store water... and make it potable?? please advise w/ thoughts. 10-q mtkadan
  2. don Thompson....good to hear from you.! I spoke w/ you a few yrs ago about your toureg/Ollie combo. stay in touch. 10-q mtkadan
  3. thanks for your replies. was hoping I could just chase 72degrees...all yr long...and may not need one.??
  4. Id like some input. how often do you use your AC while camping?? please advise. 10-q mtkadan
  5. Ollie owners I'm soooo glad this kinda forum is available to prospective owners. you are the "early adaptors" of this product...and your insight has great value.! I don't have another "choice" in mind for my retirement travel trailer...but please suggest the things that will make it...my best choice.! I plan on making it my home...for 10yrs...please work out the bugs. do well.... 10-q dan
  6. Ollie folks this discussion about diesel vs gas...has been my nemesis.! one lasts longer...the other maybe less expensive.? a diesel tow vechicle gets...maybe 12-16mpg...a gas tow vehicle gets 10-14mpg. seems like a wash to me.!! w/ fuel costs. what we all are looking for...is a vehicle...that will tow a 5000lb "aerodynamic lump"...and regularly get 16+ mpg. if not more.!? I'm sorry to say...they don't sell that kinda vehicle..in this country.! just hoping...bye 2022....it wont be an issue.? be well and have fun in your travels... 10-q dan
  7. dear oliver owners my name is dan...I live in Minnetonka mn...and plan on retiring in an oliver...in 5yrs. chasing the sun in my short pantz. I expect to "boondock" as much as possible... and give it a whirl for about 10yrs. have been "snooping" this site for a while now... just wanted to let you all know...I was here.! take care and do well. 10-q dan
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