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  1. OK, now we see there is a controller on the Renogy unit. Does that mean I can just simply plug it into my outside Zamp plug-in factory-installed on my 2018 Oliver Elite I? That would be cool and save me around $300. I already have two Zamp panels on my roof. Just wanting to add a bit more insurance for too much shade or a cloudy day.
  2. I just replaced the defective Zamp controller inside the trailer and now want to get a portable 90 to add for better boon docking capabilities. The Zamp people were very helpful and I will most likely spend the $500 for their unit (with controller) just because of their customer service. I do like to save money however. But I like manufacturers that treat the customer with respect and are helpful (unlike MaxxAir for example) so Zamp will probably be the one. I also replaced (at my cost) the deluxe MaxxAir fan after Oliver already replaced the control pad and lift motor to no avail. This time I opted out of the motorized lift as something else that can go wrong with their junk. Thank you for your help.
  3. I have a controller inside the trailer that operates my Zamp solar panels on the roof. I also have the Zamp ports outside. The Zamp suitcase I was looking at comes with its own controller on the panels. I guess I assumed this Renogy came with a controller as well. Not sure how this all works.
  4. Can this Renogy unit plug into the outside Zamp plug-in installed on my 2018 Oliver Elite I?
  5. Use the app or website campendium.com Valuable tool and it is free until you eventually appreciate the service and become a "supporter".
  6. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JY9QAPQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. The table sits in front with the window ledge in back of it.
  8. Since April 16, 2018 my wife and I (plus big dog) have slept in our 18.5' Elite 100% of the time except for short plane trips to help family or attend function. There have been a couple hotel visits in nearby Tallahassee for doctors. Other than that, every night in the Ollie either on the road or at base camp in Florida. We like the Florida State Parks and get the geezer discount so we generally pay around $12 per night. On the road we find ACoE parks to be the best suited for our needs (They generally have washers and dryers). Those stays average around $12 per night as well due to the senior lifetime geezer pass I paid $9 for. We are heading west in June for the summer and hope to find several boondocking locations, the occasional full hook-up park, and also use our Harvest Hosts membership for quick overnights.
  9. I am sure Oliver service department will take care of this problem.
  10. Same model number no longer found on amazon. Closest I found was number listed above in my earlier post. I did contact the Oliver service department. I have removed the defective alarm from our trailer.
  11. John, In my search for answers to my smoke alarm going off last night for no apparent reason I found this thread. There are no others regarding the combo smoke/carbon monoxide First Alert alarm. After changing the batteries and cleaning it to no avail I called First Alert. Seems the alarm is made in Canada and they cannot send me an exact replacement. RV alarms are different than the typical home alarm as RV's tend to get dirty faster, small enclosed space, and consequent problems. Any idea which model number I should get to replace this animal? The closest thing I found on amazon was model #SCO5CN but the nice lady at First Alert told me not to buy it for the above reason of it being a home alarm and not an RV alarm. I have not tried to blow out the one I have with a compressor but it is worth a try. My wife was ready to throw it or herself out the window last night at 3am. We were running air conditioning and I thought perhaps the air got too heavy here in Florida and the alarm thought it was smoke. But even later this afternoon the same thing happened again after several hours of no problems.
  12. We live in our Ollie full-time. I cannot tell you the number of times I have dumped my gray water and a few hours later the gauge reads 65% full or other. First time it happened I called my brother who is a long-time RV'r and he informed me the gauges on all trailers, for the most part, are shite and you cannot rely on their accuracy. Like others here, I learned to feel my way through experience, and I pretty much intuitively know when to purge the tank. Also, my black water tank often reads 5% and that is way off as we do not use it at all by having a composting toilet. I think humidity is the culprit behind both.
  13. 1. They smell good 2. They absorb liquids and expand 3. Pine pellets are used for kitty litter, so tried and true. 4. Result of an experiment. (see previous post). The idea is to find what works for YOU. Everybody is gonna be different. My wife drinks an enormous amount of tea and water and I think that changes things somewhat and so I need more absorption. Some will tell you to fill dry coir only half-high to stirs, the book says fill level to stirs. My two gallons of coco-coir and handful of pine pellets is a bit under level with the stirs and seems to work the best for us.
  14. We’ve been full-timing in our Ollie since April of last year. We opted for the composting toilet to better enable us to boondock. Having no black water and not wasting fresh water flushing helps us last at least four days out, if needed. Of course, it is my job to dump the shitpot when necessary and it is also my job to stir it when the waste becomes too difficult for Beverly to turn. I have found it to be a good practice to give it the occasional turn even if not being used heavily just so it lasts longer. Living in the trailer full-time I have found the composting material lasts anywhere from 10 days to two weeks depending of course on the weather and also what we have been eating. I have experimented a lot with different materials and mixes and so far the following is what works best for us: Into the toilet goes two gallon freezer bags of coco coir with a handful of pine pellets thrown in between bags. I also add a small handful of another material I cannot remember the name of that kills any bugs that might want to develop. So far that has not been an issue since I put a screen on top of the vent pipe to keep them out. I use a coco coir I purchase from amazon. (Link to pine pellets and coco coir included in this post.) When changing out the compost I put a separate brick in each empty freezer bag and as little amount of water as possible. It takes about a day for the coco coir to absorb the moisture and my manual crumbling of it into a dry and expanded material. I store the full bags in my truck until needed. I simply remove the entire toilet from trailer when dumping, as the first time I attempted the job inside the bathroom resulted in a poor result. A kitchen flex garbage bag works well in campgrounds and the bag can be tossed into the dumpster. When home, at our base camp, we scatter the compost waste directly into our woods for further decomposition and fertilizer.
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