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  1. SeaDawg and ScubaRX, Big thanks for the reply. I didn't think to look at Camping World. I'd thought of trimming but in the photos I was worried I wouldn't be able to get through the metal portion. I'll look into that. I love Camco products also. If it doesn't look like what I want then, for sure, I'll do the DYI one. That would actually make a good blog post! Thanks, Debbie
  2. I wanted to put bug screens on the vents for the refrigerator. Has anyone else done this? Where did you find the screens? I measure the width at 17" but then when I do an internet search for Dometic Refrig Bug Screens, I get only 2 width options: 8" or 20." The instructions for measuring say: Fits Dometic refrigerator vents which have 20" long louver openings. So I'm measuring from the outside and the opening is 17." Am I doing something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated. I have considered ordering the 8" and putting two on ever slat but it will be a little short and I suspect those creepy crawlies will find their way in.
  3. Bill, you can add me (Debbie) to the list. Sorry for waiting so long. I've had a wrist injury and was worried it would be too hard to hold on but here is what I figure...I'll just use the other hand!
  4. I just ordered something similar but it has two round screens. As I was looking at screens on Amazon, a suggestion came up for a bug screen for the MaxxFan. It's actually a cover with a removable screen inside. Am wonder if others have found a need for a screen over the unit?
  5. I recently took my to Affordable RV in New Castle, CA (northern CA). Dora Lemke is the owner. I worked with her son, RJ. I had a wiring issue but it was a mistake done during the build so it was covered under my warranty so I never saw the invoice. Can't speak to their prices. But in the Sacramento area they are known for their high-quality work and for working on high-end coaches. I was very pleased with them. Just picked it up yesterday so time will tell regarding the quality of their work but I'm feeling pretty confident.
  6. I wanted to let the person keeping the list that SupersizeLIFE is Debbie LaFleiche. I would like to be on the list for the zip line tour to do both Level 1 and Level 2. Go big or go home, right? I was also looking at activities nearby and 40 minutes away is some awesome caverns, called Cathedral Caverns. It's part of the Alabama State Park system so it's on the website as well as a 3-minute video. If anyone is staying and extra day or two and wants to join me, that would be great fun. I'll also have my bike. See you in May!
  7. This may be slightly off topic but can someone tell me the inside measurements of the drawers? I have several nice dividers from my sticks-and-bricks that I wanted to use in Oliver but just today it occurred to me they might be took big. They are adjustable, but at the smallest the dividers 13" x 17.75". Will they fit in any of the drawers?
  8. Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who weighed in on this debate. Helped tremendously. It came down to either the Chevy Express 3500 Cargo Van or the Nissan NV w High Roof. Both had positives and features I really liked. But as of last night, I'm the owner of a 2017 Chevy Express. I ended up with the extended wheelbase so the 2 additional feet helps with the room I lost by not having the high roof. I haven't taken possession of it yet or I'd send a photo. But I will post the photo soon. Thanks again my Oliver friends.
  9. I wanted to get some security before I head to pick up my Oliver. Could I ask a couple of clarifying questions to be sure I'm understanding what everyone is saying? For best practice, I need The Collar thing (like in the Amazon links in the thread) and that helps when Oliver is attached to the tow vehicle; it helps bad people from stealing it when, say, I stop at a grocery store. Then the other one is for when you are parked and the Oliver is not connected to the tow vehicle so people cannot hitch up the Oliver and drive away with it? Then it sounds like the consensus it to get the best lock I can (especially if I'll be full-timing so the Oliver will pretty much be a permanent risk) and that is probably the Gushill The Bull ASSA. Am I understanding all of this? And the super newbie questions...on the Gushill site there is the choice between the 2" and the 2 5/8" ... which one is the correct size for the Elite II? And is any of this affected by the fact that I had the Anderson hitch added to my trailer. Thanks, in advance!
  10. I just booked E-31 for Thursday - Tuesday; I wanted a day on each side to orient myself to the area. Cannot wait to meet everyone. BTW, when I called for the reservation, they did have the 7066 discount code activated so I think that got straightened out. I definitely will go zip lining with the group! Silly excited to to get my Oliver in about 5 weeks and get on the road to new adventures.
  11. Thanks all for the input. As someone who hasn't had a trailer before, this whole process can be daunting. So helpful to bounce ideas off of others. I love Less Junk More Journey and, in fact, their set up was how the GMC Savana got to my list. Thanks for heads up on Transit--I just assumed if the van was big enough, it could have a hitch added. Trish, getting out of Alaska was planned for August but it got moved to end of September so I know my trailer is going to be in the Oliver parking lot for a bit before I can get to it. But I'm super excited. I was just on their website as they are updating sections and got a shock (a good shock) when I saw they are using my rig's front as their sample picture for the custom graphics. Got more even MORE excited to get to it and I didn't know that was even possible. I've done all of my research online so far because I'm not a big fan of the car buying process. But I will get to a few dealerships this coming weekend and I'll take the Oliver info plus the thoughts of people on this thread. I know it will help in my discussions. But the replies here definitely help me form my check list and question list. Thanks again!! I appreciate all of you.
  12. I know this is a maybe a long shot after looking through several pages of threads, but on the theory that you never know until you ask I am asking. Since I am going to be a fulltime RVer with my Oliver (picking it up in early to mid October), I have been focusing my tow vehicle search on vans. I wanted something that would offer a combination of good storage and easy access. I'm narrowed down to the Chevy Express, GMC Savana and the Ford Transit. Does anyone have any experience with any of these? Would love to hear from you even if you didn't use the van to tow an Oliver.
  13. This doesn't actually answer the question about space, but I found a small cat box that another RV wrote a very favorable about this one. It's called Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Starter Kit. I was thinking I might try it. Here is the link to that review: http://www.trailandhitch.com/kitty-corner-cat-poop
  14. Dang! As I was reading the thread I was so excited thinking mine (which went into production a week ago) might make the cut for the new modification. Maybe things will work out sooner than later.
  15. Hi Carbon, Yeah, keeping their website current is an area of improvement for Oliver, in my opinion. In addition to graphic colors, they don't have all the fabric or flooring choices. In fact, the I found out because when I did the factory tour, they had a board with all the colors. So if you have a particular color you want, I'd ask! It isn't considered an upgrade so there wasn't an additional fee. I'm guessing that either the colors on the website are the most popular or at some point in the past those were the only choices. No worries on novice questions! I've asked many on this forum and everyone is so helpful. This group helped me with my cabinetry colors...and now with my rig's name. :-)
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