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  1. Yep, user error. Gen is only 2400 watts & now that you mention it, the only other time we tried it we were on shore power. Steve, you had heat & smoke, we had rain & 40° temps our entire time in mainland Alaska. But then, on August 7th, we crossed the Haines Summit & saw the sun. It was glorious. Thank you for the tip to smack the furnace. I'll let you know how it goes. Sherry, we did not stay at Boya Lake because the conditions were perfect to see the northern lights & the sites there were hammocked by trees. We stayed at the Beaver Dam Rest Area & witnessed fantastic ribbons of white light circling overhead. Bucket List ✔ The next night we stayed at the Bell 1 Rest Area & witnessed a faint green glow on the horizon. John, We are now in Pemberton at the Nairn Falls Provincial Park working our way to your side of town & would love any suggestions you have on visiting your beautiful state. Jason, thank you for checking in. The furnice on the fritz hasn't been toooooo terribly inconvenient, for a Floridian in Alaska. Our poor gal has taken a beating so a visit to the Hohenwald Ollie Hospital is on our return home itinerary, we just don't know yet exactly when that will be, but will schedule accordingly. Thank you all for being there! Chris
  2. Hello from the middle of nowhere BC! Our furnace quit a month or so ago but we have been staying warm with a Mr. Buddy propane heater. This morning, while generator was running to charge batteries, out of curiosity, I turned on heat strip. (We have rarely run geni in the a.m.) It came on for a few seconds but then quit & wouldn't come on again. Generator overload light came on. Other than kitchen lights, nothing else was on. Inside temp was 56, outside was 48. Its not crucial but it would be nice to know if this was user error &/or an easy fix. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Chris
  3. Whew, glad I heard about that soft shoulder incident afterward. Amazingly, we did check the weather & hung out an extra day in Dawson. "They" said 20% chance of rain late afternoon. The ferry ride was beautiful & then we climbed the mountain. Hahaha. Fortunately there was very little traffic. We had a late lunch in Chicken & stayed at the YT campground in Tok, which is lovely. There was only one other camper when we got there. The entire trip we've arrived to half empty State/Provincial campgrounds & had our pick of beautiful sites. Tonight we're at the municipal campground in Fairbanks. Partly cloudy, faint smell of smoke, "They" say it's supposed to be nicer tomorrow ... Pete, Bosker has connections the rest of us don't have.
  4. "You must drive the Top of the World Highway," they said. "The views are spectacular," they said. THIS is what we saw for 100 miles.
  5. We keep a couple gallon jugs of water in our home freezer & transfer them to Ollie fridge prior to trip. After fridge is cold & stocked, if they're still frozen, they go to cooler or if not frozen, they go in bathroom.
  6. Goodness Steve & Tali, I'm so sorry to hear your Alaska adventure was spoiled. Hopefully getting there was filled with jaw-dropping scenery. Maybe our 2-month delay will be a good thing. Currently, in Golden, BC resting up for Banff & Jasper. Safe travels everyone! Chris
  7. Hello Alaska travelers! Duke & I have finally made it to the panhandle of Idaho & will cross into Canada Monday. We were curious about how your travels are going & wondering how much the wildfires are affecting your trip. We do hope you are having a grand time & that we'll cross paths. Chris
  8. All great questions & concerns John. Full size photos are downloaded when you have stable wifi, battery usage LLP pwhich correlates to location accuracy is adjustable, & the location access can easily be turned on/off. I haven't delved into the photo book because I've always used Walgreens for those. Mike, when we leave the Badlands, we're heading to Montana to track down Top Gun for fly-fishing lessons. Chris
  9. Great app for your family & friends to see where you've been & where you are! From their website: Once connected to the internet, your travel routes, locations and photos are seamlessly transferred to your personal traveler profile, where your route is plotted on a colourful world map that can easily be shared with friends and family. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polarsteps
  10. Are Mountainborn's boondocking links somewhere else or gone forever? :(
  11. We are on our way [finally] & YES, 20/20 in all four eyes which will make our trip so much better & safer!
  12. This is a nice place for a layover, especially if you want to remain hitched. 27 level sites, mostly pull through. Clean facilities, free laundry. $40 a night but for some reason we didn't have to pay. We must have looked like big spenders - little did they know it was past our bedtime. https://www.ladyluckcaruthersville.com/ [attachment file=20190612_084935 (5).jpg]
  13. Exterior: Gold & teal Our truck had gold stripes so we went with that on our Ollie.
  14. Trainman, we chose the same interior & I had the same concerns as you - but do not worry. The reality is that our countertop always has STUFF on it & it would have been a waste of money for us to get the granite.
  15. Well, I am extremely sad to say that due to both of us needing cataract surgery, the Rally is a no-go for us. However, Alaska is still on, just a bit delayed. Original plan was to get to Haines, where our son lives, in mid-July but now it will be a week or so later. Like ScubaRX, we are meandering with no particular timelines. DenaliDavid, your offer is wonderful, kind, & greatly appreciated. We will contact you when we do have a timeline. Enjoy the Rally everyone! Chris
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