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  1. Thank you everyone for the wonderful advice. Mike and Carol, I have already talked with Heather and she knows of my intentions. (Hmm, that doesn't quite sound correct! Oh well, I hope everyone knows what I mean). And Randy, thank you. Great idea! I'll do that. I also love vintage cars and I've lost a bunch because I wasn't the first! Safe Travels, Frank
  2. Must find a nice used Oliver!!! For years I've owned a couple of nice Lake Front Lots here in Georgia. Years ago I purchased my first and last travel trailer. A used Pop-Up from friends of my sister in Chicago. It was like new and stored in their garage. I parked it on my lake property and then because of work requirements couldn't use it for the next 10 months. It sat there in the rain and weather during the hot, humid summer months. Finally, the family and I decided to use it for the first time on New Years Eve! We went to the lake, opened it up, and discovered the roof leaked and the inside was filled with black mold so bad it ate entirely through the canvas, the curtains, and the cushions. Absolutely horrible what damage that can do. We closed it up, went to a local motel and decided this wasn't going to work. After spending thousands repairing the damage and replacing most of the Pop-Up, I sold it with full disclosure and absorbed the loss. Now 15 years later, I'd still like to go to the lake once in awhile, even if just for an overnight. And my son loved backpacking and I'm not looking forward to sleeping on the ground much anymore, so it sure would be nice to have another trailer. I started looking at all kinds of trailers and the first thing I would look for is water damage. My gosh, it's everywhere!!! As I looked at Egg Trailers, it was apparent water infiltration was minimal. First I looked at Scamps. Then all different types. The older they were the more there is to fix. Frame rust, wood rot, etc. The list goes on. Them I started looking at Casita's, and Explorers. Not bad, especially the newer ones!!!!! My budget has now moved from $5k to $15k. Then, last week I heard of this trailer I had never heard of before. Another Egg model called Oliver. I've made up my mind!!!! My budget is now in the $25k to $40k area! Don't tell my wife. She thinks I'm still looking at the $5k stuff. She remembers the mold too and is not too keen on the whole idea anyway. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Hopefully, there will be an Oliver in my near future! In the meantime, I'll keep reading, learning, and look forward to sharing! Thank you everyone and Oliver, Frank
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