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  1. with the Furrion the red light means tv is off. When green light is on then the tv screen should come on . Used manual buttons but nothing works on the dream black screen. Used it at night . Shut it off . Next day nothing. Had less than 100 hrs. Will replace with jensen
  2. We just had the same exact experience with mud daubers. They dried on the a/c fan blades along the fans - there are 2- lbs balanced and a/c inoperable. Very difficult to reach one fan. Doubt any screen that could keep them out
  3. Power light green but lot responding to anything like source etc. Just a Blank screen. Connections all good. Was working perfectly at rv campsite. Anyone know the warranty period ? If it did bite the dust after only 1.5 years what are replacement specifications & manufacturer recommendations?
  4. We have the same problem . Thanks for coming up with a solution. One question the Velcro is two sided? Second question did you put Velcro at the fully extended end also ?
  5. The new single receiver bike rack capacity is only 100 lbs which equates to 1 electric bike plus rack. The original flat dual receiver rack should handle 2 electric bikes plus be easier to load/unload
  6. The new single hitch receiver bike rack has a limit of 100 lbs which would carry only 1 electric bike. Also the weight of an electric bike makes it difficult to lift high. The original two hitch receiver flat rack should carry two electric bikes & would easier to load/unload.
  7. New bike rack question: Both of these racks block the license plate . Any suggestions of where to move the license plate for the new single receiver and the original double flat rack ?
  8. Russell thanks! We purchased the original Oliver rack. We didn’t like that it is difficult to remove /install due to its weight & access to the back sewer connection is harder. But now that we want to change to heavy electric bikes knowing that this flat bed setup can carry 150 lbs is great news. And John Davies idea of removing the batteries is a good idea.
  9. John the Thule flat rack connected to the Oliver by a ‘double’ receivers that Oliver initially offered does that have a 100 lb limit ?
  10. Can the new hitch in the rear hold 150 lbs? This is what 2 electric bikes with carrier would weigh.
  11. What is E1? Where is the list of error codes?
  12. We don’t have the mirror cabinet doors. Any ideas on what to adhere to inside to stop fuse lights etc from being seen ?
  13. George didn’t know there were caps for 7 pin connector. Where did you get one ?
  14. Does one battery tender monitor both 12V batteries since they are in parallel?
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