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  1. I use the Yeti 1400 to power my ARB fridge in my truck to supplement cold food storage and I usually keep it charged while driving with the TV alternator or I use portable solar panels to charge it while camped. The only time I need a propane generator for is to run the air conditioner... which is the only thing the Yeti 1400 or 3000 can't do I believe. So unless you install a larger inverter and bigger battery bank the propane gen is still needed for my use. I live in TN and AC is a must 24/7/365. I love the Yeti and Goal Zero products in general but they have very specific uses at home and on the road, although it could always be used for backup to run everything else. And for $3000 you could be well on your way to upgrading to a LFP battery bank. SO many options! I am sure you will get more feedback from the site, which is what makes this site so helpful.
  2. Oliver connected it directly to the batteries during the build.
  3. @Mossemi, I like the Zamp SAE port just fine. The only drawback is they reverse the polarity so that it is opposite than the rest of the industry. So you have to buy a reverse polarity adapter (cheap on Amazon) or reverse the wiring on the MC4 to SAE connection on the Renogy. But then you can’t use the renogy panel to charge anything else like a solar generator without again using polarity reversal adapter. Hope that makes sense... because it does get confusing in actual use.
  4. Got these because it was so simple to install with no moving parts, air lines, etc. Before we left on our trip to MI, I had her loaded down more than usual and noticed a couple of inches of drop that didn't make much difference in towing but thought I would try to correct it when I got back home. Literally a 20 min install. I will update with a pic of TV when hitched to Ollie and update how the ride was was while pulling. Before:
  5. Now that is what I wanted to see, nice job! Thanks for posting. One question, did you do away completely with the Progressive Industries EMS or did you have that in the beginning? Or how about their combiner box for the front (gen) and rear shore power. That is what takes up most of the space forward of the battery box in mine. Your setup looks awesome. Pondering bringing down the charger controller now. Would like to make some kind of shelf (super strut or plywood) to be able to mount the MP horizontally above the pipes or hang like the Xantrex with some extra support. To incorporate your idea of bringing the batteries inside and put on the same shelf build, would but so cool. Converting the slide out battery tray for tools/storage would be great. This setup would allow you to keep the forward storage area next to BR. Not sure about how to do the shelf properly yet, but getting closer. May just do it like yours. I have some time to think/plan since the battery decision is still up in the air. Thanks a bunch for posting pics and detailed explanation. SO much fun. Multiplus will be on order soon!
  6. Yes, from my limited experience with VHB tape, yes, as long as you prep both mating surfaces with alcohol. But why not replace the screw in addition, since the hole is already there.
  7. @Overland, true! But I am sure they are well made and would be a lovely addition to an already pure Victron system. The Lifeblue 200ah x2 still seem great (simplicity of drop-in, built-in bluetooth, free app that is very informative, size/wt, same cost as BB with easier install, has its own heater for cold protection) If you want 6-8hrs per day of AC, is it possible with less then 600Ah? Just asking, what your real world experience has been with 400Ah with impressive solar array. P.S. I really would like to see some pics of others installs. Just curious to see how others did their placement, wiring, switches, etc. You mentioned a thread that you had, where is that?
  8. I stand corrected on the fitment... which is really cool! But, wow, $66o0 for batteries... that's a difficult pill to swallow. As for complexity, it is a bit more than just adding $130 BMS from what I understand. In addition, adding anything for me as a DYI is always something to consider because of not only cost, but space, know how, etc. But please update post if you end up installing the Victron's because I would love to see it and possibly install them if the install is not that much more involved. It would be really nice to have a complete Victron system. Thanks for the post.
  9. Just went to the website. Wow. The dimensions listed are 9x12x6 so looks like 2 would fit. No BMS built in. Still, very attractive.
  10. The new one will not fit. I believe, not easily anyway. Not sure about needing more than 400aH. Also, albeit, I love Victron but their batteries require a much more complicated install. If your are a DYI, the batteries that fit the tray and that have a nice BMS built-in like the BB or Lifeblue LFP will be much easier to install. Just realized @whatda, that you were looking at EU specs. Nothing available in this market works easily for 400aH except for a couple of brands or you do something custom as you have already stated. I am leaning towards (2) 200 ah Lifeblue’s. Built-in BMS with Bluetooth and free app that is really good.
  11. 2 of these would fit in the tray with room to spare: https://www.lifebluebattery.com/rv-boat-lithium-ion-batteries/200ah-lithium-battery.html For a little more, same thing but smaller with built in heater for cold protection: https://www.lifebluebattery.com/rv-boat-low-temperature-lithium-ion-batteries/200ah-lithium-low-temperature.html Handy comparison chart:
  12. What about replacing Xantrex inverter with a Victron Phoenix 12/3000 inverter (same as in Multiplus) but without the charger. Then replace the charger part ($180) of the Progressive Dynamics Mighty Mini for Lithium specific batteries. So when you are plugged into to gen/shore power not that much as far as AC data via panel but easier install with all the benefits on the DC side. Thoughts? Or just do the Multiplus and essentially bypass the PD charger.
  13. Yes, that’s part of the magic of a complete Victron system. All the components talk to each other.
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