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  1. I want to thank Mike and Carol for let me check out his beautiful Oliver today. Now I can't wait to get one. Mike
  2. Welcome Bruce and Lois! I'm planning on going to check out an Oliver this weekend. My bucketlist trip is Alaska. Can't wait to go! Mike
  3. I was stationed in Utah for 10 years. Hill AFB has a really museum. It's called Hill Aerospace Museum. It has an B-52 and SR-71. Of course has lots more aircraft. Even better it's right outside of the base. So anybody can go there. It's free and they accept donations. So if you are near Hill AFB, stop by and take a look at history. Mike
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words of encouragement. I can't wait for it, but I want to be sure I'm ready financially. The one house is Utah is a rental. So I'll have to time it right before the lease ends. I think I'll put it on the market next year. If I sell the house, order the Oliver and try it out while I still own this house and work, then if it suits me; sell house and quit job and enjoy retirement. There's plenty of camping right here is south Texas. So I can get my feet wet. Never owned one, but I'm ready for change! Pete and Mike and Carol I would love to check your trailers out. I had my mind set on the larger one, but would love to see the smaller one. The weight isn't a problem. I have a TV that is overkill for a travel trailer. I have a 2006 F350 dually with a PSD. It was much cheaper than paying prices for a new truck. With some TLC, this truck will last a long time. Mike and Carol I'll pm you. Pete, I'll wait until you get back to set up a time to see yours. Mike
  5. My name is Mike. I live in San Antonio, TX. I retired from the USAF 6 years ago. I've been all over, but rarely had time to sight see. Last year I had a thought that I was tired of doing the daily grind everyday. Seeing family and friends die young and hadn't live a long life. I knew I didn't want that to happen to me. Having a military pension and VA, I could survive on that. I'm fortunate to own two houses. So I have enough equity in them to make a decent profit selling them. Purchase a RV and travel North America and enjoy life and not worry about anything. I'm young enough that I can still work if I have to. Maybe work part time to earn some extra cash for stuff. I could travel for 10 years and just be 62. I think in 3 years I'll be ready! The reason I joined is I just love the Oliver's. I want to boondock and it's seems like a perfect choice. Getting the Oliver II with the 4 batteries and solar, I should be able to stay off grid for a while. I've been lurking for 2 months. I've been back and forth on which travel trailer to get. I don't mind paying for a top notch travel trailer. I also love that the Oliver has great value used. Take care of it and you'll get good money back. Know I need see one in person. I think I need to get with Mike and Carol and see what all the fuss is about. Mike
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