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  1. We have hull 485, and with the manual awning extended, it is pretty level side to side. We certainly do not have a six inch drop. Our first trip out, we had some light rain that pooled on the awning which was worrisome, so I kept pushing up on it to dump some water. I emailed Oliver and they mentioned the side away from the door would drop and dump water once it had enough to pour out. I really need to test this before we head out next week... Our awning rolls up even and stores tight. Sorry, I haven't tried to adjust the awning yet so can not help there, but thought it was interesting that on your Ollie one end of the awning was lower.
  2. Hello, cmdmom2 - It looks like the Trailer Valet 5k version mounts on the side similar to the XL Mounting bracket for the XL version. If you have a picture or could describe how you attached this to the Oliver, that would be great. I discussed the XL bracket with Jason Essary at Oliver and we didn't think their was room to attach the bracket would attach. It sounds like you found room? Trailer Valet told me one of the main reasons they came out with the bracket was to solve contact issues with the bulldog/other couplers... https://trailervalet.com/shop/xl-mount-bracket/ Thank you Ken for the note on the parkit 360, certainly helpful! We are getting an Elite II as well, so the bigger one would be mandatory. Thank you John. My mind had not gotten to an ATV, truthfully it would have taken me a while to get there :). From that video, crazy maneuverable looks right, very cool. Storage/maintenance are my first thoughts but I will certainly look into it. I am out traveling for work, but hopefully I have attached a photo of the front of our house from a few weeks ago. My goal, and hope is to be able to back the Oliver up the driveway. Then use a valet/dolly/ATV to pull it into the camperport, and then push it out when we are leaving. My brother and I are a bit further along with construction than this picture shows, standing seam metal roof is going on Saturday. Thank you all for your comments on this subject. As you can see, construction is well underway, so I need to make it work. We just got our hull number today...485...sounds great! Thank you, Travis
  3. Thank you for the replies. I wish a front receiver would work for me, but it is the overall length of the trailer attached to a TV, that is driving me to look for an alternate solution. With the layout of our home, unfortunately a front receiver still won't help. I have read a few review of the parkit 360 on airforums and they sound promising. Haven't been able to find many customer reviews of the Trax.
  4. Hello All, I wanted to revisit this topic and see if anyone is moving their Oliver with something other than their TV? We are scheduled to take delivery of our Elite II 27Jun19, and plan to store Ollie at home. To do so, we will need to move Ollie about 50' without being hooked up to our TV. Thankfully, this distance is on concrete with only a slight rain slope. I spoke with Trailer Valet regarding their XL product and they stated it is not compatible with the bulldog coupler on the Oliver. They do make a XL Mount Bracket that I was hoping would be the solution to this issue, but there really is no place on the Oliver frame to attach this bracket. So, I believe Travel Valet XL is out. I didn't ask about the Trailer Valet RVR. Super cool and super pricey :) I have been looking at the ParkIt360 10K and the TRAX TX6000. Both are similarly priced, certainly more than I wanted to spend. But, if it gets the job done and allows us to keep Ollie at home, I will be happy. I did confirm with TRAX that the bulldog coupler is one of the better fitting hitch connectors for the TX6000. If anyone has any experience/thoughts on these products (positive or negative) or any other product that will move an Oliver, please let me know. https://traxpowerdolly.com/products-mb/tx6000-mb https://parkit360.ca/products/trailer-mover-10000lbs-capacity-base On a side note, we are very excited for our Oliver...counting down the days! This past weekend, my wife and I went on our last planned tent camping trip prior to picking up our Oliver. Lake James State Park in NC was beautiful, had a great time paddleboarding and relaxing.
  5. Ditto, the graphics look really nice! We are a little over 2 months out, and counting down the days. Congrats, and happy/safe travels.
  6. Hello Kathryn and Chad, My wife has a Disco V that we are hoping to use as our tow vehicle for an Elite II (delivery scheduled for June). Like you, this will be our first travel trailer and I still have quite a bit of research to figure out regarding towing the Ollie safely. If you end up considering the DV, let me know, I would be happy to share the good/bad of what I find out. Below are a couple links to the Land Rover Discovery 5 forum regarding towing that you may have already seen, but thought I would share. https://landroverforums.com/forum/new-discovery-v-51/towing-d-v-87427/ https://landroverforums.com/forum/search.php?searchid=3088138 Take care, congratulations on your Oliver! Travis
  7. Hello All, This is Kim and Travis, originally from Oklahoma and Iowa respectively, we have both lived in Charlotte since the late 90's. We have a 15 year old son that is quickly getting way to popular for us, and two small Boston's that get us out on a walk pretty much every night. I grew up camping with extended my extended family in tents, popups and various campers, but wasn't quite sure what my wife would say 5 years ago when I showed her a picture of an orange Marmot tent. Well, that tent has served us well, many great memories...but, last week we sent in our deposit for an Elite II and we sure are excited! This will be our first travel trailer. We asked Heather for a late June delivery date. We are hoping the schedule holds, and we learn enough about the Oliver to camp our way back to Charlotte through the 4th of July weekend. We have already booked our first RV spot at Cloudland Canyon State Park in GA. I have been following this forum for a bit over a year and like many others, also want to thank everyone for the wealth of information (and sometimes entertainment :). This forum has certainly been a benefit to me in making a decision on a camper and if I can remember half of what I have read, I imagine it will help keep us safe, functioning and enjoying our time out of the city. I am sure we will have questions, so thank you in advance. I enjoy a different perspective, or a straight out correction. Take care, Travis
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