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  1. OK, now I see what you're talking about. Those ARE different that the ones I have. Not sure I like them any better though. Either look nice. Oliver doesn't skimp on the wheels.
  2. Same ones I have on my 2018. Late production though. Didn't know these were any different than before though.
  3. The diagram above doesn't match my basement. The left side of the basement in mine is exactly the width of a crate (about 12")/ That being said, the right side of the basement on my model is much narrower than the one pictured above. No way could I ever turn a larger crate sideways in mine. Not sure why the dimensions differ but they do.
  4. OK, I tried to put a large and a small on the right side and when I do, the curvature of my back wall pushes the crate closest to the door opening into the space on the left where my one large is stored. I cannot get even two larger crates in my Ollie. Only one large and two smalls.
  5. $700 is cheap. I think my cover cost about $30K and we're not done yet.
  6. Never mind. I broke the code. It's the Truma hot water heater. I apparently had it set on the "instant" hot water mode vice the "eco" mode so when set on the instant hot water mode, it routinely cycles water through the system to keep it pre-heated and ready to go. That is the noises I was hearing. I simply switched it over to the eco mode to save propane and to eliminate the extra curricular activy. It does use more water in the eco mode but that's a non-issue since we're hooked up to city water.
  7. First trip since the rally (we've been really busy this summer) and I'm noticing a few odd noises. At night when all is quiet (AC cycled off) I am hearing an intermittent (but predictable) electric motor noise coming from beneath the street side compartment). The sound will last for about 10-15 seconds and then it will be followed by a much softer noise (almost like a water circulation pump) which lasts for about 5-10 seconds. This is happening about every hour or so. We are set up with city water and 30 AMP power. Is this normal OPs for an Ollie or is my trailer possessed?
  8. No, I didn't plug the overflow as I pondered earlier. I'll keep an eye on the clam shell next time I fill the fresh water tank. If it persists, I'll pull the panels on the street side and see if I can see anything leaking on that side when I'm filling the tank.
  9. In the process of sanitizing my fresh water tank, I noted a little bit of water coming out of the clam shell just behind the fill port when I was filling the tank. This would tell me there's something leaking along the route of the hose connection and the tank. I however didn't note anything obvious when I inspected from the inside. Anyone got any ideas?? (I only noted this during one filling but I also wasn't looking either.)
  10. Actually secured a spot at Colt Creek State Park just north of Tampa/south of Orlando. Looks to be very nice and pretty much centrally located to all the things we want to see once we leave St. Augustine. Now let's just hope that Dorian doesn't destroy it.
  11. Hmmm, hadn't thought of that. Might just let a sleeping dog lie. I can always pump the contents out via grey water tank.
  12. OK, I have the Truma which I took out of the loop for the entire sanitization process. In regard to the fresh water tank drain valve, I am wondering if there is any danger in opening the drain valve while filling the fresh water tank from a city water hose: then when the tank is full and the overflow starts to come out, plug the overflow outlet with a stopper thereby forcing the excess to go out only through the bottom drain line?? This would provide some pressure to the drain line perhaps forcing whatever debris might be in there to make its way out. I don't however; want to put undue pressure on the system but at normal 40 psi restricted flow, I wouldn't think that would be a problem. Any thoughts??
  13. In fact, since this issue surfaced when I was doing a sanitization of the fresh water tank, I used the drain for the fresh water tank several times during the process. That however leads to another question: The drain from the tank is also painfully slow so I am assuming that the plastic debris from the tank could also have made its way into the shut off valve too. How would one check and/or clean out that valve to see if its running as free as possible?
  14. OK, Landrover hit the nail on the head. I removed the stainless water line leading to the filter and it was PACKED with white plastic shavings. It was quite the effort getting that stuff out. Pushing a heavy copper ground wire through it (after several attempts to dislodge the debris with my air compressor) only served to pack it in on either end. I took a small drill bit and once the debris was compressed at one end, I (by hand only) twisted the drill bit into the plastics and dislodged it little by little. Then I would compress the debris to the other end and repeat. Took a dozen or so sets of this before I could finally get the heavy copper wire all the way through. Put everything back together and the water flow, everywhere, is excellent using the pump. Shower head also retains the spray function now. Only question I have is "what the heck size are the fitting nuts? 3/4" is too big, 5/8 is too small, 13/16 is too large. I didn;t have an 11/16s on hand. I need tools on board for this. I ended up using vice grips and pliers but not my favorite tools for this job. Thanks again to all who chimed in. HOBO
  15. Landrover, Thanks (again). I too keep getting these 404 errors when I try to access something and then must try again. Not sure what's going on there. It's been happening for a couple of weeks now. I'll report back what I find in the braided line.
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