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  1. How is your DC voltage? If your volts gets too low, the circuit board on the refrigerator will not function, and it cannot automatically change from gas to A/C. You won't be able to do it manually, either. Sometimes, problems with the batteries or converter first manifest themselves with a malfunction refrigerator.
  2. I think they look good, and the larger openings might help with brake cooling better than the little holes on the other ones.
  3. The Wonder Egg, hull #14's awning says HORIZON on the outside, the arms are marked FIAMMA, and the housing has a DOMETIC sticker. Go Figure! When my end caps became brittle from UV, I ordered new ones from gowesty.com. I ordered for the F45i. Here are the part numbers. Left end cap - part # 04275-01C Right end cap - part # 04274-01C Before putting the new end caps on, I painted them with a white Krylon plastic paint, which has UV protection properties. They have lasted much longer than the originals, at this point. (Although it looks like they will need some TLC when I get home)
  4. Have you positively confirmed you have gas pressure? Can you light the stove? Does switching tanks have any effect? If you have a three way refrigerator and disconnect the shore power, does it go to gas, or DC? If it goes to DC you have no propane. Try flipping the switch for the heater a couple of times to "wake it up".
  5. Due to where the exit port is on the grey tank (rear, street side) I've found that by significantly raising the nose of the trailer (easy to do on an Elite One) and tilting towards the street side (battery side) I can easily drain that tank in 3 minutes, or less.
  6. I have two of those Xtreme heaters in my early model Elite. But they do not run on DC power, and at 350W times 2, there would be a toll on your battery's amp hour storage. If camping in an overcast snowing environment, solar replenishment to the batteries would be at a minimum. They work very well if shore power is available for the long term. They are positioned to protect my external shower and the water heater, which are my unit's vulnerabilities. Pete
  7. N 50 38' 48" W 68 43' 28" Manic-5 dam, AKA Daniel Johnson Dam
  8. Indeed he does. I'm fortunate to have him as my traveling buddy.
  9. I've been to this rally several times and found the folks to be welcoming and just plain great. Alas, I cannot be there this year because I'll be in Canada, but would encourage any Ollie owners to go and meet other molded fiberglass trailer owners. Look at how great their 20 and 30+ year old trailers can look, learn the fine art of Dutch oven cooking, make new forever friends, and just relax and have a great time. You can't go wrong. Sign up! Over the last 11 years, I've learned the fiberglass owner community is a family. It is wonderful to meet friends, catch up on their lives, and share your recent adventures. Go . . . enjoy . . .
  10. The Wonder Egg (Legacy Elite #14) weighs just under 4000 lbs fully loaded with water and clothes & food for extended camping. I have about 90 lbs in the back for my bike hitch, bike rack, and bike - no basket on the front. My current tongue weight is 400 lbs. Without the hitch/rack/bike hanging out the back, it is 440 lbs Although the Wonder Egg's axle has a max load of 5200 lbs, I could never imagine stuffing another 1000 lbs of gear into the trailer.
  11. John, Most of us, going down the road are attempting to get somewhere and may not be able to read the mind of a passerby as to rendezvous spot. And I would also think many Ollie owners are not on the forum at all. Over the last eleven years, whenever I see a fellow fiberglass trailer (we're all in a very small community of travelers) in the opposing lane, I flash the lights, roll down the window, toss out my arm and wave like a madman. I think I get about a 20% return wave and it feels grand. My most unique encounter with a fellow Ollie owner was when there were only about 20 Ollies in existence. I stopped into an RV park just to dump and put on fresh water, in California. While I was in process, a couple pulled up in their rig, pulling another Elite. The driver hopped out and we both simultaneously exclaimed "Who the HE** are YOU?" Well they owned a hull number well before my #14 and invited me to camp in their yard and get acquainted. It's a wonderful world . . . Pete
  12. It looks to me like heat going horizontally from the fire under the pan, heating the edge of the countertop nearest the stove. The main discoloration being adjacent to the primarily used burner. Do you use a wide diameter pan whose edge is near the countertop? There is a minor amount of discoloration beginning to manifest itself near the other burner.
  13. Buddha & Buffy, Welcome to the forum and the Ollie family! Also, welcome to the Texas Hill Country . . . Fredericksburg is a wonderful place to settle. I'm about 40 miles down the road, in Fair Oaks Ranch. You'll love the Fall, Winter, and Spring climates here. Summer, not so much. But with your LEII, you'll be able to seek whatever climate your hearts desire. This is a great place to ask questions about the LEII and get ideas on how you wish to personalize your own Ollie. Now all you have to do is anticipate your trailer's delivery . . . it may feel like forever but it will be here before you know it. Pete
  14. Jennifer, It is so nice to see you have graduated way beyond driveway camping in Revilo! #14, The Wonder Egg, is still going strong and will be in Quebec this summer. I hope our wandering paths cross in the future. Camp on!!
  15. I allowed my fresh water tank to drain once while on my last leg home. After having numerous passing cars honk and point and watching their faces, I realized they thought it might have been the "icky stuff" and from then on, in order to play nice with the public and not trash their opinion of us travelers, I've never "let it go" while driving down the road. I could never imagine letting out the black water tank in other than an approved tank.
  16. On my Elite, I've always found the source to be the galley sink. If the road is rollicking of bumpy enough, I think the p-trap at the sink sloshes the water out and the fumes are able to enter the Ollie. I've always been able to remedy this by pouring water into the sink to refill the trap.
  17. Over there last 11 years of The Wonder Egg's life, the same anomaly would occur. I'd be able to move only in one direction, or the other. Usually, after quickly activating it in the direction it liked a couple times, and then activating it in the direction it did not want to go and held it there a moment or two, the jack begrudgingly moved as I desired. That would cue me to get to the back of the switches connectors and clean all the contacts. All went smoothly after that . . . for several years, then REPEAT! Good luck
  18. Nice objective test, Overland. So, with 100% battery power to begin with, it appears you were able to achieve about 2.5 to 3.0 hours of inverter powered A/C usage given your conditions at the rally, right? What was the lowest DC voltage level you allowed your system to see?
  19. I don't consider it a $150 wrench, but a $150 accurate insurance policy, which is ever so important for those of us with only one wheel on each side.
  20. I couuuuuld . . . . . . . theoretically . . . . . . . very theoretically . . . . . . :)
  21. UPS just delivered my $155 torque wrench an hour ago. It's still in the box. For 11 years, Ive used a cheap, non calibrated, torque wrench which was jostled and banged around and never set back to zero after using. Who knows what my torque values have been? But I have been lucky so far, knock on wood. This new fangdangled gadget does not need to be set back to zero and can be set in much more nuanced degrees than my previous cludge. The way I see it is that another ten years of be-bopping around the land for another 130,000 miles with this OMG expensive tool, will only cost me $15.50 per year. And it will be accurate! Cheap insurance as far as I am concerned. Thanks, Overland!!!
  22. Wow, Vector! Glad you are OK after your pothole experience. Like STEVEnBETTY says, one may have departed first and the second couldn't manage the additional stresses. I watched a friend with a large tandem axle stickbuilt unit hit the mother-of-all-potholes in Canada last year. He had no idea a wheel departed until I called him on the radio to inform him. His wheels were steel, part of the hub was completely sheared away. Perhaps a TPMS sudden loss of signal would have alerted him of the departure if I had not been following behind. When an aluminum wheel is mounted onto a trailer, it's recommended the torque gets rechecked soon, usually about 50 miles or so because steel and aluminum components expand and contract differently to heating and cooling. After the wheels and hubs have gone through a couple heat/cool cycles, rechecking torque may help correct a loosened condition, if one occurred. (It will not find an over torque situation) How far from Hohenwald were you? Did you retorque the lug nuts? It's good to hear how docile the trailer was as you smoothly pulled off the road. Keep us updated on how all of your repairs go.
  23. Pro - more living space inside. BUT! You are outdoors . . . IN NATURE . . . and should be maximizing your time outside, so what does the extra space matter except being able to sleep 1 more person? Not much. Cons - Significant increase in weight, wear on TV, limitations on maneuvering into parking or many campsites, lessor quality of build inside and out, factory support?, all the problems inherent with slide outs (leaks & mechanical failures), huge hit in mpg, how well will the interior hold up after 100,000+ miles of towing? (the Ollie will still be like new). Multiple exterior seams which will leak over time, delamitation, as opposed to a solid fiberglass mold . . . yada yada yada. Hey, this is an Ollie forum, what did you expect?
  24. Several years ago, I added a Roadmaster Active Suspension system to my Tacoma to go along with the Timbren. I liked what it did for my truck's ride so much, when I retired the Tacoma from towing duties and purchased my F150, an active suspension kit was the first modification I added. It enhances the ride towing and non towing.
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