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  1. This may not help everyone, but this is what I did. I have a little different situation. I have a home in VA and I am building a garage in KY. We will build a house in about two years. I intended to use the garage for storage, de-clutter our house. before we sell it. I also go there whit my camper. I was told after several discussions with my local agent and the one in KY that since I did not live in KY at the property, I had to go with commercial insurance. I dug a little further, and since my garage has a 10' x 26' room, that would qualify as living space, they will insure me as a second house. Kinda like a lake cottage or cabin. I do have heating & cooling, electrical and water. When the agent asked about a bath room, I told her I had an out house. The cost is around $550.00 per year, including liability and theft. I will set up some cots, and chairs in the room and take some pictures so I can prove I used it as a cabin.
  2. My 2 cents and just for fun. The debate between ST tires and LT tires on a TT has been going on for some time. I am not currently an Oliver Trailer owner, but It's on my bucket list. Maybe Oliver uses LT tires because they are made in the USA! There may be other reasons and I am not a tire expert. It would be interesting to learn more on why Oliver has made that decision. Also I am neutral on the subject between ST or LT. But I have not had good luck with anything made in China. I recently had a tire less then three years old blow out on my current trailer. I have since purchased a tire pressure monitor and I will never tow again without one. I have never overloaded my current trailer and I have weighed the trailer before each trip, I am always well under the maximum axle and GVWR load. But my trailer manufacture installed four D rated tires on dual 5200 LB axles. D rated tires are designed for a maximum load of 2,540 ea. X 2 = 5,080. A little short of 5,200 Lbs. must be some kind of new math! So after the tire blew, I went with ST, E rated tires. I could not find one made in the USA, so at least I chose a name brand. The next year I had two aluminum wheels crack, they were on the opposite side of the blown tire. Again, they were genuine Cheeena brand, you call it China, I call it Cheeena for CHEEP. Now Goodyear has come out with a Made in the USA ST tire, the Endurance. It will be interesting to see if Oliver make a switch. PS: There is no warranty expressed or implied to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information provided and the user assumes all risk with its use.
  3. I wrote Jason and this is my question and response. "1. the 2017 legacy Elite 2 owners manual says that you can use the electric jacks to lift the trailer to change a tire. The 2018 manual says to use a jack. What changed? *I’m not sure what changed as we do not manufacture the jacks used on our trailers. Barker Manufacturing has stated that they should not be used for lifting the trailer off the ground even if only lifting one side to change a tire." My guess is since Barker does not recommend it, Oliver has made this change to reduce any liability if something goes wrong?
  4. The 2017 owners manual says to use the electric jacks. The 2018 manual says to use a jack located at the corner of the steel frame. What has changed?
  5. The Dexter instruction sheets for the hubs & bearings lists 8 different sources for NLGI No. 2 grease. I do not know if any of these manufactures have the smaller 3 OZ. tubes. 059-831-00_hubs_drums_bearings.pdf
  6. Anonymous Please check your owners manual since this information could be different for your model year. Ford specs for 2011 and newer trucks say the w/d should be adjusted to eliminate about 50% of the front end RISE. If the front rises 1.5" initially, the RISE should be reduced to around 3/4"...
  7. This is my plan B. Of course I am in disguise. You cannot read the sign, but it says: I need money for my Ollie. Not doing too bad, made $38.00 yesterday, so this will only take about 1,578 more days!
  8. I guess this qualify s as a bed toy?
  9. That's why I am here to learn more about Oliver Trailers. I will be posting a few, asking some q1uestions about options and see other peoples opinions. We took a look at an Elite 2 at a Ollie owners house last Sunday. We were very impressed with the quality and first class fittings. Also the leveling jacks are something I have wished for. May be a little small but I have been there before. We are on our 6th trailer, one 5th wheel and the others travel trailers. They ranged in size from 17 feet to our current 34 foot toy hauler. We are about two years from retirement and may want to down size. The big 34 footer is a lot for a middle aged guy to handle. Also I am kinda tired of the mass produced junk. I don't mind too much about fixing a few things, but when they try to kill you with defects, poor manufacturing and poor engineering, well one of my life goals is to make it to retirement. From Virginia GeoFish, Born to Fish, Forced to Work
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