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  1. I remember when the tour bus driver for the Dave Matthews Band used a remote black tank dump valve switch to dump on a grated bridge over the Chicago river. The unfortunate sightseeing boat cruising underneath caught it.
  2. Airplane manufacturers do it all the time. They cut it, pull it apart and insert a plug in the middle. Voila, an extra 20 fare paying seats. Personally I could use an extra 3” on the length of the twin beds. And a propane fired oven would be nice. The width is perfect for towing. I really like the fact that the Ollie’s tires track in line with my vans tires and it is so easy to see past the trailer. I bought my Ollie for traveling. If I was just going to be stationary for months at a time, I probably would have looked for a fifth wheel.
  3. I had a Coleman popup for 16 years. The quality was generally very good and easy to set up compared to other brands. The tent fabric was Kimberly Clark Evolution 3. Wow it was just terrific. Breathable and warm at the same time. It was sort of a waffle design and after 16 years of killing mosquitoes, the inside looked like the aftermath of a horror movie. You couldn't clean it. I love the beautiful white smooth interior of the Oliver. My last camper was a HI-LO and it served us well for 17 years. Believe it or not, when changing a tire you had to completely deflate it to get it in the wheel well. It must have been designed for a 14' wheel and then they decided to increase the wheel size to 15" for production. The China Bomb tires did not make for a relaxing drive either. When I saw Oliver's big Michelin truck tires on the tour I was impressed. In addition to that, the HI-LO holding tanks behind the rear axle had to be emptied before towing otherwise it fish-tailed like crazy. I don't know how much the low profile holding tanks on the Ollie improve the towing but it sure doesn't hurt.
  4. In the great state state of Georgia you not only get to pay 7% sales tax on your new Ollie then you annually pay about $750 ad valorem (personal property) tax to register it. It does go down a bit every year. Surprisingly if you buy a motor home there is only a one time charge of 7%.
  5. Call it what you want but I saw a bunch of Ollie’s this morning
  6. Like many Oliver Owners I ran across the name Oliver Travel Trailers quite by accident, whether it was a random mention in a You Tube video or something else on the internet. After selling my last trailer (a 2000 HI-LO) the search was on. Things quickly got narrowed down to an Airstream. The salesman had a used model which had just sold and he mentioned that it had a small dent in one aluminum panel which necessitated a $3000 reduction in the price. To replace any panel is at least $3000… ouch! He said there was an Airstream rally out in Wyoming where over 100 Airstreams had been totaled by a hail storm. When the Oliver came to my attention the worries over hail, leaks, and rotten plywood floors were moot. In addition, all the pros were still there. Compact size and wind resistance and great tow ability, not to mention things you would have a hard time getting from Airstream like 340 watts of solar, 400AH AGM batteries and a composting toilet. Well after a factory tour a year ago January and the rally last May, the order went in in June and we picked up hull #381 in September. I know I am preaching to the choir here but there are many on the forum who are still on the fence. Jump in the water is fine. Here is a link to a great channel on You Tube from Airstream Owners giving their opinion of long term ownership. The part where they pull up carpet revealing wet plywood floors makes me cringe. Enjoy
  7. Up until the end of the 2018 model run the hull number was the last 3 of the VIN. Beginning with the 2019 models they had to renumber the VIN numbers and the last four would begin at 0001. In order to continue the continuity of production numbers from the beginning I heard they will be applying a number plaque maybe on the inside of the closet door or somewhere.
  8. Under the curbside access make sure the valves are are not set to winterize, including the bypass valve on the back of the Truma. I had the same problem with no hot water but I went outside and opened the access door and located the on-off-on switch and cycled it a few times. That did the trick and I have had no problem from then on.
  9. I have a one ton ford van with a factory installed hitch. The sticker on it says max trailer is 5000 pounds with 500 hitch weight. With a weight distributing hitch it goes up to 10,000 and 1,000. I would be liable in an accident if I didn't have the Andersen WDH. That said, it is no problem to hook up and the the Oliver tracks beautifully. I don't know if this would be the case without the Andersen but legally I really have no choice. Congrats on your Ollie. Try to make the rally. My wife and I did before we even ordered ours and it was a blast, so many great people.
  10. Hymer bought the well respected Road Trek brand in 2016 and then brought over their european B van designs. Corporate greed led to all kinds of financial irregularities so much so that Thor Industries backed out of a purchase. 800 employees fired. Sad for them as well as the customers and stocking dealers on the hook for warranty issues.
  11. I just ran across this well done You Tube video explaining the demise of the Edwin Hymer Canada RV manufacturer. It really makes you appreciate what appears to be a strong financial standing of Oliver not to mention the attention they show to their customers and employees.
  12. There are brass fitting in the basement area just inside of the city and fresh water inlets. I have had both split and leak when introducing water. Oliver replaced both under warranty. I was told that there was possibly too much teflon tape on the fittings and they were tightened too much causing the leaking. Hull #381. If you need to eyeball these, you must remove the back wall of the basement and the black rubber mat from the floor and then pry up the floor.
  13. Is there an adjustment on the Ollie to raise the water pressure or are you talking about an external water pressure regulator? Thanks
  14. I have hull #381 and had water flowing from the weep holes under the basement about a week after delivery. I brought it back to Oliver and they replaced a brass fitting which had a split in it. Ritchie said it may have been over tightened or possibly a bad batch. I heard of the same thing by the owner of a hull in the 390's. I am bringing #381 back tomorrow for the same that happens now when filling up the fresh water tank. (there are two brass fittings) in that area.
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