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  1. Bathroom vent van suddenly quit working today on 2018 Elite II. It is the 100th day camping and trailer is still under warranty. All other electrical circuits, lights, etc are working. Push button switch on bathroom vent seems like it has from day one of camping. Any recommendations? Thanks! Darryl
  2. WE really like our 2018 Duramax HD. On the trip to Western United States this year pulling the Oliver Legacy Elite 2, we averaged 14.1 mpg. We drove her pretty hard and she performed really well. I am now considering a Ranch Hand Front Bumper/Grill Guard PART NUMBER : FBC155BLR. Has any Duramx owners bought one as of yet or a like system? Thanks, Darryl
  3. We had a problem with water flow to the toilet. We happened to be on our way to Tennessee for some upgrades when it happened. The service guys found hard water deposits where the hose connects to the toilet preventing flow. We have been using a water softener since. We’ve been to some remote campgrounds that I’m sure had some pretty hard water. Mike and Carol, Which water softener do you utilize? Darryl
  4. <p style="text-align: left;">We departed from the Rally. Went home for a few days and started west. I made a small wager with my wife that we would see 3 Olliver's on thos trip besides ours. She said we would see 1. So far none. Here we are today at Cedar Pass Lodge Campground in the Badlands.</p>
  5. Overland recommends a Precision Instruments torque wrench, which is probably a very good one, but at $155 it seems quite expensive to me. I have not used my torque wrench for anything but the lug nuts on my car and trailer. I ordered it off of Amazon on Sunday and got it today. I used it on the lug nuts and bulldog this afternoon. Thanks for the recommendation! It was the most expensive tool that I have ever purchased but it should last my lifetime. It worked as advertised and it is nice to use really good tool(s).
  6. See you at the Rally! Congratulations!
  7. At Land Between the Lakes COE Canal Campground tonight. A very nice place. This nice Kentucky campground is only hour away from our home.
  8. Hello, We travel with 2 Cairn Terriers. They each weigh about 14 lbs a piece. We recently returned from a 40 day trip. The dogs were sleeping on a blanket on the floor between the twin beds. Each morning, we would take them on a walk and pick up their blanket. We noticed that there was moisture on the floor. So, we decided to buy an elevated bed. This is the product that we purchased. Fiksu Pets Heavy Duty Elevated Pet Bed (small) from Amazon. It cost $39.99. We had it shipped to a campsite where we were located. It worked extremely well and problem was solved.
  9. We returned from our maiden voyage in our Oliver Elite 2 on March 18. It was a 3500 mile trip and 39 nights in the Oliver. On this trip, I spoke with numerous Airstream owners. One of owners, who had recently purchased a 25' Airstream was very interested in how our Oliver towed. I told him that it pulls like a dream. He said I see you do not have Sway Control Hitch. I told him that my 2500 Duramax did not need it to pull the Oliver. He could not believe what I was telling him. He said so your Oliver doesn't sway when a truck passes you? I said not yet. He then explained to me the motion that his Airstream produces when being passed by big semi trucks is not good. He was towing his Airstream with a Tundra and a sway control hitch. He mentioned that he had visited Oliver but made the decision to go with Airstream because of the interior layout. He almost sounded disappointed with his purchase of the Airstream . I am so thankful that Oliver tows nicely behind my truck. If I had to worry about sway control whenever a Semi Truck passed me, it would not be fun. We did not purchase many upgrades except Solar, AGM Batteries, large propane tanks and television antenna, I am now looking to upgrade the mattresses for the twin beds and dinette cushions. Those are my only two downers thus far. I have had a couple of warranty issues but I have full faith in them getting repaired this week so we can get on the road again.
  10. Instead I purchased from Amazon the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress, Narrow Twin / Cot Size / 30″x 75″. Geronimo John, Did the Zinus Ultima narrow twin fit nicely into the twin bed opening? Also, does the Zinus Mattress feel firm? Thanks, Darryl
  11. We are on Day 28 of a shake down inaugural trip in Oliver 412. We love our Eva-Dry dehumidifier and our Honeywell Space Heater. Also, we purchased a Fiksu Pets Elevated Dog bed for our Cairn Terrier. These have all been worthwhile purchases.
  12. Top Gun, Thanks for info on Huntington Beach State Park. It is a really nice park. It is easy to get some bicycle riding in and the beach is very nice. I definitely appreciate the recommendation. We will be here a total of 4 nights before we see family in Wilmington, NC. This will be an annual stop.
  13. Just to clarify one issue. I picked up my Oliver on December 12, Oliver had winterized the RV. I did not dewinterize until I was in Florida and temps were in the 50's as the low. If it is or was a frozen check valve, it happened while supposedly winterized in all areas or it wasn't winterized properly or it is a very vulnerable area.
  14. I tried my city water connection again when I recently arrived at a new campground on our 5 week 5 state shake down trip. Water immediately started leaking from the weeps immediately upon turning the city water on. After reading some of the previous post, my guess is that there is either a bad batch of connections or a highly motivated employee who is applying to much force during assembly. Either way, I know it will be fixed when I take my Oliver in for another issue on March 18.
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