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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful.....plse be so kind as to KEEP IT UP THERE!!!!! FL is cold enuff Where's Oliver? Do you chain Oliver? Snow is nice to LOOK at but MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!
  2. A very Merry Christmas to all our Oliver friends and owners of the greatest fiberglass trailer made!!!! Chuck n Geri n the Hound Herd in the MotherSUser Control Panel (0 new messages) • View your posts FAQMembersLogout [ tumbleweed ] Register OLIVER CAMPFIRE Post a new topic Subject:hip
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all good night!!!! Whada' mean it's the wrong saying for the right holiday.................. Chuck n Geri n the hound herd!!!
  4. Those of us that microscopictally follow you blog will AGAIN remind you to update your MAP ! ! Please.. heheheee Will be at Quail Roost with Pete(hopefully) and I believe Tue nite is STEaK nite at the Icehouse We and Pete have res...wanna' come up fotr the nite???If not stay in a semi fiberglas traialer.... I will delegate authority to Randy to confirm STEAK nite!!! Chuck
  5. Gorgeous pictures!!!! Are ya'll headed back to FL? We be in central Texas headin' thataway!!
  6. Nice recap. Keep us posted on Jugfest 2011, please. Glad we got to see ya'll in Trujillo Meadows, TWICE!! Hope to see ya soon! Chuck n Geri n 2 soon to be 3 furkids!
  7. Hi Mr Kiefer! Did you get the Maxxis ST trailer tires or the LT truck tires?? Both will give great service...the ST are limited to 65 mph. Finding with the dual axles on the Evergreen that the ST (special trailer) will resist scuffing and sidewall pressure from tight turns better than LT tires. This is not a factor on the single axle Olivers as they just follow behind like good little tires! We'll be back in FL mid Nov to March, maybe we can get together. Chuck
  8. Hi!! Yes, last winter was cold and hopefully warmer this year. We live part of the year in Apalachicola, FL on the panhandle. Our favorites include Anastasia and St Joseph Peninsula SP. Other favorites are St George Island SP, Blue Springs SP, Manatee Springs SP and Ft DeSoto County Park: Pinellas Co. With an Oliver, you should have no trouble even getting into some tent sites at the Florida State Parks. Reservations are adviseable where ever you can in winter. Private parks we like are: Ho Hum in Carrabelle(panhandle hwy 98 ON THE WATER). When you know you are coming, email us at tumblwede@yahoo.com to find out where we are and maybe we can meet up. Chuck
  9. Hi All! Have Duros on the Mothership and with almost 7K, they are wearing very well. I would have preferred 16" and may go to them later but so far, very good. FYI, our Duros' came from factory with nitrogen fill and have not lost any air pressure.
  10. The Contis and Kumhos are both truck tires and you wont find them under trailer tires. Have Duros (made in China) trailer tires on the Evergreen and they look new after 6k + miles and are readily avail cross country. Chuck in Torrey, Utah
  11. These two Beautiful Bolers exemplify why I loved my Casitas and Oliver. You are camped with some great trailers!
  12. In 2008, 3 Olivers were camped in Ft Smith, Ark at the RVersII Rally when TS Ike came thru and inundated us with horrendous rain....campground mgr said 8" in 5 hours . We had no leaks in ours nor do I remember ScubaRx or Mountainborn having any leaks , window or otherwise. My guess is that the drain holes were clogged. There are several rubberized gutters available, one that I used on my Casitas. Check out the http://www.marxrv.com website. Some great info, some outdated, but good stuff.
  13. Hi Ya'll, On our Evergreen Trailer forum, this website was posted. If I could understand it , it's gotta' be helpful !!! http://www.marxrv.com/12volt/12volt.htm Hope this helps someone! Chuck in the mothership in Tetonia, ID
  14. Hi to all!!! Where are all the Olivers this summer???? The 'mothership' would love to meet up.....need an Oliver fix...miss ours. We're currently in Tetonia, ID(west side of Tetons) and heading toward Capital Reef NP in a week or so. Chuck n Geri n 2 Furkids in the 'Mothership'
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