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  1. This would not be helpful for you John, but for Airstream owners there seems to be a possible fix for hailstorm damage "Leave your Airstream out in the sun on a clear day. Many small dents -- such as those caused by a hailstorm -- will disappear as the sun heats the skin of the trailer, causing it to expand until the dent is pushed back out." Avoiding being caught in various kinds of inclement weather conditions, bumping into things, or being involved in an accident or rollover is probably a good idea for all trailer owners. I think some of the older trailers that used easily replaceable panels might be something worth lamenting. Another lament is the industry emphasis on bling, rather than effective build quality controls...instead of the emphasis being on after delivery inspections. AND providing timely and affordable repairs for RVs is a severe industry-wide weakness. But then they might have to also pay the service technicians better and train them to be troubleshooters, not just dump and replace components. Note: I'm an RVIA Registered service technician #100051 and very few techs have troubleshooting training and skills (factoid).
  2. By the way, I'm retired so unless it is a dire emergency I don't drive in snow storms, fog, hurricanes, earthquakes, at night or in traffic, etc.
  3. Thanks Bill, I'm planning on using a weight distribution hitch. You are right Mainiac. I'm not sure any color truck would be easy to see in the fog or in a snow storm, ...mostly good traction, fog lights, and simply staying off the road as much as possible is the best plan from my perspective, regardless of color. Planning accordingly, I would prefer the Volvo D13 (375-500 HP, 1450-1850 LB-FT.) if forced to drive in the fog or in a snow storm...whatever the color. Also to consider, a black truck is hard to see at night or in a deep ditch, a red truck is hard to see when there is a fire in the woods and hard to hide from the cops when testing its high speed capabilities, a green truck is hard to see in a green field and in the woods, a brown truck is hard to see at a lumber mill, in dry fields and the desert, and woods, and a blue truck is hard to see when driving across the sand at the beach. For camouflage, a green and brown combo would be helpful for hiding in the woods. To hide in a field of cows a black and white truck might work, but I'm not sure I want someone trying to milk my truck. Color is a tough choice.
  4. I agree that a white truck should be the best in practice. However, a light grey is not bad. It also goes that a white Oliver should be the best in practice. Thanks for the additional weight thoughts as I am likely to carry some extra water in jerry cans. Bay Area, California (Wine Country)
  5. A bit of humor this morning... I am in the process of pulling the trigger on a 2019 Ram 1500 truck, but it will likely take a few months before I take delivery as my local dealers are receiving their 2019s without the Ram Box and I want a Ram Box, darn it. I have chosen this truck primarily because of the comfortable ride of the truck, roomy backseat for my 100 pound Boxer dog, 360 degree visual, and active safety features. I was contemplating buying a Volvo D13 heavy hauler to pull an Oliver, an Airstream trailer, a Sprinter van, an off-road trailer, a pop-up camper, a 45 foot diesel motorhome, etc. But decided I want a trailer I can roll off a cliff and still heat hot water in the next day, and I get to argue whether or not I bought enough truck. I considered a recent Youtube post by "Big Truck Big RV" of his maximum matching of a Chevy Colorado z71 to an Apex Nano...Youtube video "2018 Chevy Colorado z71 Duramax! Full Review!!" And considered a match in an article published on the Oliver website between, as I recall, a Toyota Tacoma and an Oliver II. I had to do the numbers myself as these two authors seem to like to float their opinions and make me do their research so I can understand their opinions. Truck numbers rounded down and Trailer numbers rounded up to the nearest 100 because it pleases me. The following numbers are absolute, do not vary, are perfect, and unchallengeable because they we done by me and I know-it-all. Chevy Colorado z71 diesel 7,000 tr/1,200 pc matched to an Apex Nano 21 ft, single axle 3,800 GVW, hitch 400 lbs. 2019 Ram 1500 11,300/1,800 matched to an Oliver single axle, 5000 GVW, hitch 400 or Oliver double axle 7,000 and 500. I didn't bother with a Colorado or Tacoma, because my dog said NO.
  6. "Any forum is an accumulation of participants’ experience and/ or opinion. A number of people here have given their experience and opinions." I agree with that and have always understood that. There is also a need for group cohesion as well. I just wish that more people would take much greater care with their opinions, and I'm not talking about the sweetness of their words, as if they could be held accountable for those opinions. The RV environment is complex and rapidly changing, and mis-information is rampant in the RV industry across all forums, mfgs, dealers, and repair facilities...based on my experience. Best of luck for all of you who have invested in your RVs. Cheers.
  7. I think Oliver Trailers might want to put a sticker on their trailers quoting BackofBeyond that "Any information you glean from the forum is worth exactly what you paid for it." That has been proven to be true to me.
  8. I think I'm tired doing research for others.
  9. I'm kind of disappointed I had to post the following (after reading the "experienced advice I'm supposed to rely on" posts): I think I was fairly clear I was looking at a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited, eTorque engine, towing package that includes the 3.92 axle, air suspension, 4x4. I had the salesman send me the specific truck's "Vehicles Capabilities" printed sheet (not the msrp sales sheet stuck on the window of the truck or the sticker on the door that doesn't include the PC) for the specific truck on their lot I demoed for the vin number I wrote down. Per the VC sheet for that vin number "Maximum Payload 1,840 lbs.," "Maximum Towing 11,340 pounds. "
  10. Thanks for the comment Rumline. Yes, I am aware of the payload issues you mentioned. Thanks. My research indicates that the 2019 Ram 1500 payload range is between 1,700 and 2,300...with the realistic range between 1,700 and 1,900 loaded up with lots of options. Of course, one has to confirm the actual payload of the truck, as optioned, prior to closing the deal. The new tow limits exceed 12,000 pounds, but I can do with a bit less. Again have to confirm prior to closing the deal. I don't have kids, but I will probably take some light stream tackle and some light art supplies with me. The wife might take her camera when she does come along or even fly out or drive out to meet me. I plan to buy the eTorque, the Ram box, the Limited, and just about the whole nine yards. Since my daughter considers me a R....t, a B.d F....r, and unworthy of someone worth listening to AND my son has no R.....t for me and considers me a l...r...I'm free to spend their very substantial inheritance on traveling both stateside and overseas (six zeroes and increasing) now that I have disinherited them in my will. Call that W...e P.......e. (Hope this doesn't break forum rules...did my best) ================ I agree with Back of Beyond that a lot of trucks are running near their limits, based on my readings in a lot of forums. I will abandon buying an Oliver if I determine the Ram 1500 I buy is not up to the job, and instead pull the truck with a used diesel motorhome. I will take light exercise equipment with me, but would ideally take a full gym along. ================= I thought I might like to re-enact my youth, but I'm having too much fun being a senior citizen getting ready to throw the dough around.
  11. I think I fit the same target market that kwrjrpe fits into, just my wife and I (and the dog). I remember watching an Airstream youtube couple video - they had started with the large 30 footer then downsized to a 27 and wished they had downsized to a 25. My wife set the length restriction - must fit on the 26ft driveway...don't you dare pay a monthly storage fee. The legal papers are almost finalized, so my 2nd and much larger than my 1st cash infusion will be coming in soon. All good things come in good time. Note: I worked for a short time as a service advisor at an Airstream dealership...fortunately my wife was not impressed with the Airstreams she looked at. First the truck, then the trailer, because the length and weight of the trailer is settled.
  12. That's basically how I understand it as well John. Much of the need for diesel braking seems to follow the huge 5th wheel trailers where the more savvy owners seemed to opt for 1 ton dually Diesel trucks as a minimum or even larger, including up to semi-trucks. That's why I value owner experience/advice, whether mine or others. Despite my strong desire to get a Toyota Tacoma I was willing to change my mind once I discovered the new safety features and 360 view, and yes I know that the forum members are correct that fundamentally I should be driving a 1/2 ton truck or some of the other tow vehicles mentioned based on all my research and the numbers.
  13. "I was warned before purchasing a trailer that there will always be problems." Yes, however the quality of the trailer's materials, design, and build process does matter in a big way. "Oliver Travel Trailers factory is not exactly easy to get to or even a smart idea as a service center for probably most of us who own one." Access to factory repair and local service centers is an industry-wide problem. So yes, Oliver or Airstream or whatever, ones diy capabilities and attitude also mean a lot.
  14. I can live with whichever the wife wants. I have both a qualified RV service repair and RV electrical specialist designations, so can take care of most repair and maintenance issues myself. However, my preference is an Oliver and I get the choice of truck. So....we will go to the Airstream factory first, my wife was not impressed with the bling and the name recognition stuff when we looked at Airstream a few months back, plus she likes a white interior, so probably will order an Oliver at the end of the day. Just guessing based on what I know about my wife.
  15. As of Saturday Aug 25th, The blind spot monitor on the Ram will cover up to a 30 foot trailer and some say it is better than relying on tow mirrors. The 360 degree view is not available at this time if you option the tow mirrors or without the 12 inch monitor, and the 360 degree view is a sweet option I would really like to have. One can buy add-on tow mirror extenders and enjoy both options. The advanced safety group features are really nice, as well as the ram box cargo management system, and the air suspension option. Can't say enough about this truck's interior from the Laramie up...some are calling it the Mercedes Benz of the trucks. (I have a big advantage, don't really want to lose the clk for a Porsche, so I can get the truck and keep the clk) Looking at about $70k before tax and lic, and my local dealers in calif don't seem inclined to offer MSRP reductions at this time beyond special incentives.
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