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  1. Jalama Beach is in our backyard (kinda-about 100 miles away) Now that we have our Oliver, we’ll be making a visit! Your pictures are beautiful!
  2. Great fun! Thanks for staying the extra day!
  3. Well, we finally retired and took ownership of our Oliver - The Pearl on April 15th! We love it! After three pleasant days at the pristine David Crockett State Park, we moved down the Natchez Trace to Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi. Our experience was enhanced by all the great advice and suggestions we received on The Forum - from hitches to drawer dividers! Thank you to all and we’re looking forward to meeting y’all at the rally.
  4. Thank you! The images are great and very helpful!
  5. We picking up our Oliver on March 26th, very exciting!! Can you message me that spec sheet that you got from Oliver? Much appreciate it. Kathi
  6. Congratulations on hull 412 delivery! We’re 413 and are getting even more excited now. Any pick up tips or suggestions would be welcome, although the forum provides lots of insight. Great job with the decorating- love the red!
  7. Hello everyone, we very much enjoy reading the forum. There sure are a lot of Alpha Dogs out there - I am reaching out for opinions on mud flaps. I have been online studying the many options. I was thinking that I could get only quality mud flaps OR spray the front of our Oliver II with bed liner material. Do I need both? Our tow vehicle is a 2018 2500HD GMC Duramax 4x4. Looking forward to picking up our Oliver II (The Pearl) in January and attending the rally in May.
  8. We ordered it and got the lower price! Thanks. One more item to add to our stash - we’re getting ready to pick up Hull 413 in January!
  9. Congratulations! We should be picking up hull #413 in January too! Very excited and really looking forward to the next chapter!
  10. Darryl and Kim We were vacillating between the SnugTop (which is owned by Leer) and the ARE, our local distributor has both. We put a deposit on the ARE yesterday. Being comfortable with the dealer is good, but know that they will not fix anything if the manufacturer won’t agree to pay them. BUT they did say the ARE has the best warranty. Our new cap has the back window that opens, LED lights, side windows that open and vent, dual rear locks, fabric headliner AND two clothes rods. We picked up our Duramax 2500 and now we just have to get our Oliver in January!! We agree this forum is awesome for us RV newbies.
  11. Thanks for all the great suggestions! We’ve read about protecting the front of the Ollie against the roughness of the road to Alaska and will do so when the time arrives - that trip is a couple years out. Looking forward to the rally in May to visiting and learning from all of you seasoned travelers.
  12. Thanks, great information! I already have the mud flaps, the floor mats and have decided on the ARE cap. Also, at some point we’ll get the Rock Tamers - ALCAN highway is on our list! I had read the with the 3/4 ton I didn’t need the Anderson, but thank for the offer. Just another few months and we’ll be on the road... Kevin and Kathi
  13. Hi, we just picked up our 2018 GMC Duramax 4wd crew cab. Now we need to get a hitch and ball. Since we don’t have our Oliver yet, it’s hard to know what we’ll need to bring to Tennessee in January. Can you share what you have since we have the same tv and Oliver? I’m thinking about going with the 2 5/16 ball- your thoughts?
  14. What a clever and creative idea! I look forward to hearing how it all works this next month! Happy Trails!
  15. I saw this old post and am wondering if you found a screen room for your trip that you can recommend. We’re new to the Forum and will pick up our Oliver early 2019. Getting very excited!! Thanks, Kathi
  16. Welcome! We’ll be picking up #413 in January also - from California to Tennessee - challenging weather changes! But we’re very excited to experience new adventures. We’ll be attending Lake Gunderson Rally also. I love this group of people we’ve never met - we feel so welcomed.
  17. Kevin and Kathi Main here. We’ve just returned from Hohenwald and finalized the details of our new 2018 Elite II. Hull #413! It will probably be ready by the end of the year but we plan on making the trip in January or February - after retirement is finalized. We feel so lucky to have all of you to help guide us through our research and discovery. Looking forward to many adventures!
  18. HI, We’re Kevin and Kathi Main for California and we are coinciding the delivery of our Oliver with our retirement in January. We loved your modifications - especially the bike rack and table! Happy Trails...
  19. HI, We’re Kevin and Kathi Main and we’ll be joining this fine group of Oliver owners in January of 2019. We’ve already booked our space for the rally in Alabama in May. We’re very excited to be exploring and thoroughly enjoy reading everyones tips, suggestions and recommendations. Happy Trails
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