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  1. Looks like the base price on the Elite II went up $2000.00 to $55,900, wasn't the 2019 $53,900. trainman
  2. My blueish/greenish light is on all the time, that only means you have power connected to the TV, it turns to red when you turn on the TV and it's in the working mode. Sounds like the TV is not turning on, check batteries in the remote, or go to the TV and push the button on the TV and see if it will turn on from there. My TV is a 2019 model Jensen, other TV's could be different and probably are. I have a LG 24" TV that we used in another trailer and it is red when off and when you turn it on it goes to off, go figure. trainman
  3. We to have no cooking routine, it just depend on where we are at and the camping style at the time. We don't carry too much in the way of cooking items, that is one frying pan, one spatula, you get the idea. Paper plates are probably used 80 % of the time and cooking outside on the gas grill is our preferred choice. You will be surprised by how much you really don't need for everyday camping. A coffee maker, toaster, are everyday used items for us, so get a small ones that are space saving. We are only using the two upper cabinets and three lower drawers for cooking and eating items, beyond that you are caring too much stuff that will probably not be needed. We setup our trailer to be a total independent from what we use at home and you will soon see how little you really need for camping, have the wife make her list and you make yours, hers will be the inside stuff and yours the outside stuff and each will work out to have what is needed. Remember Walmart is not too far down the road for those inexpensive items you forgot, or just need to add to the trailer. trainman
  4. The new controller did not correct the problem with the water heater. Since we decided we needed to make to fall trip to Arkansas and Tennessee we just spoke with Jason at Oliver service and he said it was ok to come by at our convenience and he could take care of the water heater problem. I know I could just take it to a local dealer in the DFW area, but they are booked solid for sometime and I personally don't want a dealer not familiar with an Oliver to work on our trailer, especially when I think it is an electrical problem, but that's just my guess, not really sure. I thought I would possibly wait till the rally next year, but since we need the gas for boondocking and we need a fall road trip, what the heck, let's go. trainman
  5. For the last 50 years I have just let my trailer plugs hang down, I also try to store it somewhere under the trailer tongue where it is somewhat protected from rain, etc. I give it a shot of electronic grease every year or so, always works for me. I was thinking of purchasing a plug cover, but then thought why, 50 years and no problems. trainman
  6. Since I started this post some time back (maybe three months ago) I have found the Anderson very easy to use, actually easier then I ever thought it would be. Do note here, I do my chain hookup both ways depending on how I feel that day, sometimes I adjust with the nuts and other I just lift the trailer on the hitch, I guess it depends if I want to get down on one knee or not. trainman
  7. Thanks Jason, I did talk with Jason in the service dept. and he is sending me a new module for the water heater. trainman
  8. Thanks Sherry, I did contact Oliver Service and talked with Jason again and he is sending me a new board for me to install in our new Oliver. I feel it's only right for Oliver to correct the problem and they are doing just that, so sending a new board is the correct thing to do, thanks Jason at Oliver. The only thing I know about Suburban water heaters is that our Casita had one and to me it looks to be the exact same one as in the Oliver, it never gave a problem all the time we owned the Casita. I will plug in the new module and see what happens, for the time being I just hope it was a isolated incident. trainman
  9. Glad to see you got your awning in, I can see where that could happen. I was told to only crank out the awning to where the white was solid, there is a line there where the color changes. I purchased these poles on Amazon to stabilize the awning, tested them last week and they work great. They are tent poles by Green Elephant , they have a 1/4" pin at the top and a pad that slides over it, this is for padding on the tent, but I use it as a means to hold the awning to the poles. I did have to drill a hole in the awning cover on the bottom side about 4" from the ends. I also installed a rubber grommet to make a nice fit for the rod on the end of the poles. If you want pics just ask, I can do that. Here are the poles I used. https://www.amazon.com/Green-Elephant-Telescoping-Tarp-Poles/dp/B072K1B91Q/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=2VBYYNKHC6CZ0&keywords=green+elephant+telescoping+tarp+poles+set+of+2&qid=1567705986&s=gateway&sprefix=green+elep%2Caps%2C175&sr=8 trainman
  10. Thanks everyone for the info, John Davies is the board from Amazon that you posted on your reply the one I need for my 2019 Oliver. Also is the board screwed on, or is it on with stick tape and I just pull it off. I did talk with Jason at Oliver and I just told him about the water heated not working on gas, but I have not asked about a board replacement at that time as I had not checked it out. When we got back from camping I have now checked it out and it appears to be the board, thanks for everyone help here. I will just order a new board and do the job myself as you have convinced me that the original boards are junk. I will contact Oliver Service (Jason) and see if the will reimburse me, but don't expect to see any money for a replacement. My biggest gripe here is that Oliver knows these boards go bad and still keep installing them in there trailer and then not wanting to correct the problem with a replacement board of better quality. It's pretty much BS on warranty work on appliances, take your trailer to a dealer, wait 3-6 weeks for them to look at it and then wait another 3-4 weeks for a replacement parts, I would just soon pay for it and be done with it. trainman
  11. I've done all those things that everyone has mentioned, I would now bet it's the module that's gone bad. trainman
  12. We just did our second camping outing (worked fine on the first camping trip and at delivery day) and now the water heater will not work on LP gas, but works just fine on electric. I did first check the fuse panel and that fuse is good, then I went to the water heater switch and the power is going thru the switch ok, that is the on an off power is flowing correctly thru the switch when turned on and off, but the red light does not come on as it should on startup. I went outside to listen for the clicking sound, but none. There is no gas smell, no nothing. I'm now wondering if the control module is bad, I do not see any reset button for it, but only see the reset for the electric on the water heater outside. Our water heater is the standard water heater not the instant one, so if anyone has any ideas about this let me know, thanks, trainman trainman
  13. Your first pic looks like the same campsite we stayed in DCSP, was it next to the showers, the fence in the background gives it away. trainman
  14. So Build # 104, was that built before indoor plumbing, or after? Congratulations, see you at the rally in 2020. trainman
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