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  1. Bill, As nice as my install looks, it was very, very difficult to get the bolts on the top screws!! I would not recommend this placement if you are planning to use through bolts.
  2. Just curious was the back too low or the front?
  3. Welcome. Little Timmy! I have a 17 year old daughter and she loves bringing a friend and having their own space out in the tent. Works out perfect!! I am posting a picture of our old setup with our 2005 Casita. Notice the 10 x 15 EZ up for our outdoor dining hall. The EZ up is bigger than the camper. Lol
  4. Adding to the color options thread: Our option choices were: Fiber-Granite Dakota Flooring Step-up Knox Cushions Mink Primary: Lt Orange Secondary: Copper Metallic
  5. Thanks @Raspy. That is a nice simple idea. Well I have to say drilling a hole in my brand new camper was filled with anxiety but it was just about the easiest to drill hole I have ever cut. I decided to install the Furion solar plug port above my existing shore power port My plan was to use rivets to mount it but the rivets I had were not long enough. I think you would need 1 inch grip rivets to get through the plastic port and the thickness of the hull. I decided to through bolt it which worked but would be impossible with out a patient partner because the top through bolts were just under the lip of the inner hull; this made threading the two top nuts very tricky! At any rate the job is completed. I will post the pictures here and then add the final wiring install pictures when I get to that step.
  6. @Raspy, Can you upload a picture of your plug install on the battery compartment door. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I will definitely take your advice Re: The Victron monitor. Just waiting for my outlet to arrive to start my install.
  8. @grumbleandtwist Do you know the brand/place that you purchased the stackable bins with the fruit in them?
  9. I am old school and love cooking over real fire/charcoal. I would not trade my Char griller sidecar for any grill. The one I have has lasted over 10 years. We also use an original two burner coleman camp stove (20+ yrs old)
  10. Since driving back from TN to MA I can say that I definitely concluded (as much a s I would love to get the Gladiator for many reasons)...there is no way I would want less truck than my 5.7 L V8 Tundra. I am glad I did not have a chance to hedge my bet before driving home.
  11. No I did not have it installed. They said it was very easy to do. Here are the parts I ordered to install the port. Furrion FSPINS-PS White RV Solar Port Inlet SolarEnz Adapter for Solar Panel Suitcase 2 Pin Power Industrial Circular Connector and MC4 Connector When I get started on the install I will start a new thread and submit photos and let you know how it goes.
  12. I have just arrived back to MA with Hull #435 and my only real anxiety over the way I had optioned our New Ollie II was if I should have had the Zamp system installed by Oliver vs Installing my own. I had the portable panel from from my previous camper and had installed its system; which was pretty easy to do. So I decided to skip the solar option and do it again on my own (DIA/DIY (Lol)). I have begun the process: These are the components I have ordered so far: Victron Energy VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle Victron BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT Charge Controller - 15 Amps / 75 Volts To go along with my existing HQST 100 watt semi flex solar panel. I am thinking of adding a monitor but not sure if I want to just get a simple monitor for just the solar or upgrade to a full RV monitor system like the Simarine. https://www.simarine.net/product/pico-battery-monitor/ I will keep you posted on how it goes.
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