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  1. Steve, Thanks for asking. We own a Legacy Elite I - Route 66 (Hull #24), which we purchased last August. So far, we have not had any serious issues that we (my husband - lol) have not been able to figure out. However, I read owners of new Oliver's asking how long the fiberglass/rubber smell lasts. I was surprised to hear it goes away eventually because ours still has that smell. We have air fresheners in the lower compartments and it seems to air out a bit when we open the windows (or we just get used to it after a few days.)
  2. Congratulations! Glad you found a used Ollie since we beat you to the punch on the 2008 Route 66 Ollie #24. We are leaving the Lake of the Ozarks this week heading Southeast. Maybe we will see you on the road sometime during the winter migration to Florida.
  3. Thanks! I will check out the CalMark website.
  4. Hello Everyone, We recently purchased a 2008 Legacy Elite. After many days of cleaning and waxing, our Ollie is clean, shiny, and looks much younger than the ripe old age of 10 years. We would like to purchase a cover to keep it this way but have been unable to locate one. Has anyone else purchased a cover for their Elite? If so, please share where you purchased it. Thanks, Lucky & Ellen
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