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  1. Congratulations! I pick up in January and looking forward to the future adventures it will bring.
  2. I'm located in Middle Georgia, so not too far, but will camp for 2 nights in the area to run the new OE2 through the paces before heading home.
  3. Pickup schedules for 7 January. Anyone else that week?
  4. Greetings folks! Kevan and Dara here. We just placed the order for our 2019 Elite II on Friday last week and the bank mailed the check today. Pickup is likely January (have to call back tomorrow to confirm, as we are going to move up the build date). Hope to also get the Hull number tomorrow as well? First of all, to anyone that reads this post and contributes here and/or on Facebook. Thank you! Lots of reading has taken place to help me and the wife build our Oliver. Second, we need to name him/her...and look for custom decals...and prep for pickup. Will be towing with a 2018 Tundra 4wd. Thanks again and happy trails!
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