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  1. Is the standard mattress or cushions that uncomfortable? And where do you store these mattresses when your using the space as a sitting area?
  2. Hig

    Saving up

    Your welcome Bill and thanks for the reply, Brenda and I are working hard to be able to purchase an Ellite II. I did have to explain to her the difference because so many less expensive travel trailers have more interior space and goodies but in the end she respects my understanding of fabrication methods and working systems
  3. Hig

    Saving up

    im an ex commercial fishermen familiar with fiberglass boat hulls and have often wondered why no one make a travel trailer much like a boat hull is made, then I found Oliver. My wife and I will retire in 5 years and our truck is paid off in 3 at which time we will purchase an Ellite II. I have great respect for the Oliver brand and construction methods and for those who know the difference in this product as comapaired to conventional methods or even other single Shell fiberglass trailers. Enjoy
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