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  1. We have Hull # 39 and it has the Dometic Horizon. The paper work has model # 97xxxxx.065. That is all I can find on it.
  2. This is our 2009 Oliver Legacy Elite, Hull # 39. We purchased it last Oct from the original owners. It is in excellent shape inside and out and people can’t believe it is 10 years old. We absolutely love it. You can see we store it outside when not in use.
  3. Just saw this post. We purchased Hull # 39 last October from the original owners. We pulled it to Florida this past winter and have been doing local camping this summer. We plan on exploring the Natchez Trace in Sept.. So far we love the Oliver and the way it tows. We have had no major problems.
  4. Talked to Oliver today and ordered a new pin. I will definitely tether it like the other one. Thanks everyone for the input.
  5. Our Oliver is one of the early ones. Hull #39. Are the pins still the same?. I have lost one and wondered where I can go to replace it. I have put a safety chain on my existing one and will do the same when I find a replacement fo the other one.
  6. Thanks for all of the input. I now have a better understanding of the push drain. After removing the push drain and a good cleaning of all the gunk etc, the drain is working much better. We bought the trailer used and I am not sure it was ever cleaned.
  7. We have a 2009 Elite. I am curious about the shower floor drain. What is the purpose of the push drain. Does it close the drain and can it be replaced as it doesn’t drain that well.
  8. Thanks for the info. I really like that set up to keep the batteries charged.
  9. I am looking for some way to keep my batteries charged while in storage. Shore power is not available. Can I use solar and what size unit should I buy as charging the batteries is all I plan on using it for. Thanks
  10. Thanks. Drive safe Shy1 and enjoy the warm winter haven. You are a few weeks ahead of us.
  11. We purchased it from the original owners. In 2017 Oliver went through the trailer and upgraded and redid some things that they had found over the years that could be done in a better way. They also had new tinted windows and a new microwave put in at that time by Oliver. It was just what we were looking for. It is small enough and pulls so well that my wife feels comfortable in driving so I can take a break which wasn’t true with our other trailers. I am use to hand crank jacks and now to just push a button to level it is great. Fewer bells and whistles then our Motorhome we just sold but less worry and we just love it. Happy Camper.
  12. We live on Route 66 in mid MO and just drove 2200 miles to pick up our 2009 Elite. We have been retired for 18 years and traveling for most of that time. This is our third trailer and our first Oliver. Let me say I have never had a trailer that pulls so easy. We look forward to many trips with the Oliver and hope our paths cross at sometime with other Oliver owners. Hull #39
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