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  1. Poor Oliver dogs! They must shoulder a lot of responsibilities!
  2. I agree with Overland; just use the onboard jack..oops I mean stabilizer. In this litigious society I can see why Oliver (and other manufacturers) with advice from their attorneys would want to take a CYA approach for all possible contingencies. I carry a small aluminum floor jack in the truck when towing; weighs about 30 lbs and has a 3000lb capacity. Most likely just a 30lb placebo as I would use the "stabilizer" for changing a tire. Can't fault Oliver in my opinion for their conservative position. No flames intended!
  3. Newshoes here. How do you explain the "headers" in Russian this AM? Also had numerous Canadian pharmacy "junk". Also had many 404 errors in the last few days.
  4. A little late to the dance (me). I have the natures head and just cover it with a "round" barbecue grill cover. Makes the Head a good seat from which to shower and it keeps the Head dry. I think I paid $20 at Home depot for the cover.
  5. Bob CalMark has a template that asks for dimensions taken from the trailer along with providing them some pics. I provided them with the dimensions and photos prior to the fabrication. They have made some previously for the Elite II but did not indicate they had done a Legacy Elite. Each one would be slightly different depending upon what is mounted to the roof. We'll see how it came out. Cost around $700 or a little over 1% of the trailer cost! Thanks, Andrew
  6. Well I ordered a cover for my Legacy Elite from CalMark July 17 and it is supposed to arrive this Thursday August 22. Not inexpensive, but quality does not come cheap. Just wanted a cover that matched the quality of the Oliver. I'll post a report on the finished product once I have a chance to test fit it.
  7. Thanks all for the EZE gutters tips. I am not sure what advantage there is to extending the gutters vertical down each side of the window. Would it not be better to just extend the horizontal gutter (top of the window) perhaps 2" beyond the vertical edge of the window and put a gentle downward curve at each end? That way the runoff from the gutters would be directed away from the window and would sheet flow with the runoff coming from the top of the trailer. That would also eliminate the tight curve at the top of the windows which seems to be problematic for good adhesion. Its supposed to be in the 90's in MD this coming week so I will give it a try. Just my 2 cents!
  8. My 2019 Elite 1 with empty tanks (black tank will not be used), composting toilet and 250lbs of permanent equipment forward of the axle weighs 4100lbs. No front carrier or rear bike rack, 20lb propane tanks (full). Tongue weight on the scales (commercial) was 420lbs. I have a tow drawbar with a built in scale that indicated tongue weight at 430lbs+/-. I had the weights confirmed by a private trucking companies scale (sand and gravel operation). I would imagine I would not be loading more than an additional 150lb of cargo in the trailer and initially travel with empty fresh water tank. Cargo would be over the trailer axle. I still need to check the tongue weight with the fresh water tank full (250lbs+/-). Looks like travel tongue weight will be 10% + with or without the on-board water. I know this doesn't help with the Elite II. Newshoes
  9. Wow! that would put them at about 3 a week or more for 2019! impressive. Thanks for the responses (all)
  10. Trying to get an idea of how many 2019 Olivers have been "produced" to date. Looks like #500 is close. My Elite 1 was ordered October 2018 with a pickup date of March 2019, The factory called me mid January and said it was finished and did I want to pick it up. Living in MD with at least 2 more months of winter I declined and said I would pick up on the original date. Ultimately they said my Elite 1 was Hull #431. I noticed on the entry door a sticker that said the unit was winterized 1/11/2019 which would indicate that production was completed early January 2019. I see that HOBO has the last 2018 produced; Elite 2, Hull #414. So the first 2019 would logical be #415? Just wondering how they assigned possibly 17 completed units prior to the second week in January when #431 was completed? Or did the factory skip some HID's?
  11. Elite 1 Graphic 18.5" diameter
  12. If the issue is sanitizing the combined "Black" / Grey Outfall waste line I have some thoughts on that. I hate to call it "Black tank" as it currently can not and has never been used for that purpose; prefer to call it an Auxiliary tank. Need to consult with my son (The engineer on a nuclear sub) before I resign myself to being uninformed! Thanks to all for the responses. I hope my ideas have merit as it could expand boondocking "days on station" by 3-4 days!
  13. John: What about filling the black tank (unused with the composting toilet) from the flush port, use a GPM flow meter when filling (about 17 gallons)so you don't overfill the tank. Since the black tank has been unused you now have 17 gallons of potable water in that tank. Not sure how most use the grey tank but I put nothing but water and some dishwasher soap in that tank, no shaving/ toothpaste, food crumbs etc down the drains. So when you drain the grey tank you essentially have clean (some soapy) water. Once the grey tank drains then open the black tank and drain perhaps 3-4 gallons to flush leaving you with maybe 13-14 gallons in the black tank. Could that then be drained and diverted to a bucket for Boondock pumping back to the fresh water system. Seems like boondocking could get an additional 13-14 gallons since I am sure the drinking water would not be the fresh water tank. Since I am new to boondocking when you are in the right place your grey tank waters the plants thru a garden hose discharge connection? Your thoughts?
  14. Any suggestions for a "off season" trailer cover source?
  15. Thanks John. As for the Canyon, VERY pleased with the decision; I think it is the perfect TV for my needs; More than adequate power for my setup. Max Combined GVW is 13,700: Ready to go with full fresh water tank I am looking at around 10,000 CGVW. Fuel mileage is phenomenal for a pickup (34+/- without the Ollie and 22+/- towing). Venturing west of the Mississippi I am sure the mileage will take a hit. No plans to do that anytime soon. No this is not a commercial for the Canyon! I had a Honda Ridgeline, nice truck but NOT stout enough for duty with an Oliver. Thanks for asking.
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