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  1. It started before cooking. No heavy skillet and definitely not put or pulled onto counter to cool. I do believe it has to do with burner/heat. Thinking started when we did orientation. First noticed at state park and had never used stove top.
  2. <p style="text-align: left;">Our Counter Top around the stove is discoloring. Sort of an orange color. We noticed it the first day but thought We would be able to clean it. Unfortunately it seems to be spreading.</p> Anyone know or have this happen?
  3. Guess what happen! Shower was holding water. It was full so i dumped it!! Now I know not to let it get to that point again. Thank you
  4. Yes I’m leveled been here since Sunday. I have a feeling it’s the grey tank. Thank you and I’ll let ya know in the morning when I dump tanks if it helps! Love my TT, Harvest Moon #459 ❤️
  5. Just happen. Sink drain not draining... Grey Tank shows 80%...could this mean I need to dump? Bathroom is sink draining. Im still in Ollie training and Hubs not here!
  6. Mike and Carol, We are in San Antonio often! My husband is from there and his Mom still lives there. Let me know if next Saturday would work for you guys... or if any other time is better. Cyndi
  7. Thank you!! Wish I was already on the road. The Oliver Trailers look amazing
  8. We are in Spring also. What be the best way to reach him?
  9. Hi! My husband I have fallen in LOVE with Oliver Travel Trailers. We are new to this and we’re hoping someone wouldn’t mind us viewing in person. I checked the online map but kept getting error. Thought I would try this and maybe call The office for help.
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