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  1. Welcome! My wife and I picked our Ollie up in October. Aside from the complimentary night in Hohenwald, we’ve only been out one weekend so far and really enjoyed it. And we got a passing compliment from an Airstream owner walking by who pointed out the hull construction. Interesting that you bought a trailer because of hotel issues. Ours wasn’t so much about allergies as it was cleanliness. We got tired of finding hair and stains in our supposedly clean sheets (and these were not cheap, fleabag motels either). We’re not germaphobes, but is a clean set of sheets too much to ask for? Plus it’s a lot more convenient to take our dogs with us. We really looking forward to dewinterizing and hitting the road in the Spring. Enjoy!
  2. Yes, my 600-plus page owners manual/technical manual is a little intimidating, but I am learning the important stuff first...like how the WiFiRanger works. Got to have internet so I can google a layman's explanation of the other 550 pages. :)
  3. Thanks so much for the replies. We will definitely need to sanitize the fresh water tank. We've only spent one night in it so far (the complementary night after we picked it up a couple of weeks ago), so we haven't been able to put everything to the test.
  4. Hello! Steve and Kelly here from Rogersville, MO. We are first-time RV owners, so we have a lot to learn (see question at the end of post). My wife and I talked about buying an RV for a little over a year ago after I got a job that would allow me to work remotely. The idea of packing up a trailer and seeing as much of the country as possible while not being tied to a desk was an opportunity that eventually was to good to pass up, so we took the plunge. Haven't quite decided where our first big trip will be, but New Mexico and Utah are high on the list. Regarding my newbie question: Oliver put together a nice winterizing video here ...but my question is the "dewinterizing" process. Logic would have me believe all I need to do is the same process just replacing the anti-freeze with fresh water (plus flushing out the fresh water tank). Am I on the right track or is there a different process?
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