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  1. A little sporty for our taste. We like the original better.
  2. I am in the process of modifying our standard floor plan to a modified twin bed floor plan (pictures to follow when complete). I ordered the twin bed rails and installed them as directed by Oliver. The bed rails were installed with nothing in between the rail and the hull and the rubber gasket, on the ledge the table sits on to make it into a bed, removed . I used eight rivets on each rail and the rails seem very secure. The problem is when you sit on the edge of the bed, there is significant gel coat to gel coat creaking. I reached out to Oliver service and Jason suggested using double sided tape between the rail and the hull. I have put a 3/4" strip on either side of the rivet holes, on the hull, and one on the vertical ledge surface. I did not remove the backing from the tape and tried a test fit. The creaking is significantly diminished but still present. Is this normal? Thank you for any insight anyone has. Andrew
  3. Coy, When do you think the roof top model will be available to the general public? Andrew
  4. John, Very well put and I agree 100%! I would take this on myself but, I have been so unimpressed with Andersen's customer service, I can't stomach attempting to get through to them again. Please push your point a view on to Anderson and let them know a number of Oliver owners feel the same way. You may try Spencer at Andersen, he seems like he cares. Thank you, Andrew
  5. Trainman, It is the new design. I contacted Archie at Andersen and questioned him. He stated it was normal and I should only raise the tongue enough to take the weight off of the hitch and no more. For me, that is not enough to be able to remove the triangle and I have to loosen the chains . As you know that is not the most convenient. Andrew
  6. You have to watch that you don't raise the trailer too high. If you do, the ball shaft will come loose from the bushing and pop up enough to jam the attachment point of the triangle against ball housing and make it impossible to remove the pin. I have been able to get it just right about 50% of the time.
  7. Thanks David!, I followed your direction in Edit mode and it appeared to work. [attachment file=Michelin RV_Tires_Brochure.pdf] showed in the body but when I submitted it didn't change anything. Andrew
  8. Yukon, Here is a link that should help you. Andrew https://www.michelintruck.com/assets/pdf/Truck_Tire_Data_Book_Sept2011.pdf
  9. Yukon, The attached from Michelin should address your question. Andrew [attachment file=Michelin RV_Tires_Brochure.pdf] Here is a link as well: https://www.michelintruck.com/assets/pdf/Truck_Tire_Data_Book_Sept2011.pdf Michelin-RV_Tires_Brochure4.pdf
  10. John, It is my understanding it should be closed during travel so the contents of the grey tank does not slosh up into the shower pan through the floor drain and open when in use. Andrew
  11. Spike, The wife and I agree about the density of the cushions. We both bottom them out. I understand that happening for me at 235 lbs. but, she is 115 lbs. Anita from Oliver gave me the name and number of the upholsterer they use and suggested I contact him. His name is Richard Johnson (662) 706-1873. He is in Mississippi. I have yet to contact him but need to very quickly as we are a month out from the beginning of production of our Elite II. I am going to ask for either 1.5" of memory foam and 2.5" of a denser foam, than normally used, or just 4" if denser foam. When I call him, I will update you on what I find. If you call, please do the same. Andrew
  12. Am I missing something? It is my understanding from Anita, at Oliver, the electric jacks at the back of the trailer are for leveling the trailer from side to side. Leveling blocks/Anderson Levelers under the tires are not necessary, unless the site is extremely unlevel. I see this a big selling point for the Oliver. Am I misinformed? Please note, we are picking up our first Oliver on May 29th. Andrew
  13. Once the bugs are worked out for everyone, it would be great to be able to click on the cabinets, the refrigerator, etc. and see in them. The Wife loved the virtual tours as well. Thanks again, Andrew
  14. Works great on a PC. It really makes you feel like you are in each trailer. This would be a good way to help customers visualize the interior color combination options. Thanks! Andrew
  15. I don't know about the comparison but Oliver is charging $269 for Hypervent on the standard floorplan and $179 on the twin.
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