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  1. Hi everyone! First post...I did a quick peek and didn't see this as a topic as of late... Has anyone had the exterior of their Oliver painted? No, not the swooshy graphics (hate those!): I mean painted. While we've not bought one yet, we were impressed at a recent visit with what we saw. But, I don't really care for the all-white exterior; I may want the lower half done in a different color. Dub Box has some really fun colors but those are toooo small, have no bathrooms, and seem to be geared towards weekending with the dudes. My husband and I like amenities at our age. We like what Oliver offers, except the all-white exterior (aside from the swooshes). I'm not looking for a name of a company per se--I have an old buddy who works at a place in town that does auto body/paints fiberglass bodies, so I have a lead--but let me know what if any experience you or someone you know has had with this. Company names welcome, but not necessary. Thanks in advance!
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