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  1. Thanks, because we are needing it.
  2. I am getting a lot of 404 errors, but have not gotten anything from a pharmacy or weird e-mails.
  3. I read that the tongue weight is 460 lbs.
  4. Ken, I was hoping to be able to carry them behind the driver's seat with the back seats folded up or down (however it works). I think they would take up too much valuable cargo space in the back of the truck. I carry them now in my Sportage with the back seat folded down and I rigged a divider between them and also one to keep them out of the front seat with me. The pole idea is a good one. Thanks.
  5. One question please, what if you do not have a back-up partner? I have never even driven a pick up truck, much less towed anything..and I am old. lol
  6. Steve, Ken still has the truck and I believe he lives close to Jacksonville. I am going to buy the truck in August or September. But, I would be happy to send you the money for the slide whenever you say. Thanks again because this will make it so much easier for me putting things in and out of the truck.
  7. Steve, Ken said it would fit, so that ends that. Please let me know if you want to sell it and then I will have to figure out how I am going to get it. Thanks to both you and Ken.
  8. Steve, would it fit in a 2015 Tundra? Thanks
  9. John, thank you so much for the information and the pictures. I would like to see all of the pictures you have. My dogs weigh 45 and 55#s so about 100# in all. I weight about 120# so with the dogs about 220# all totaled. That would be it unless once in a while a grandson wanted to go, but two of them are boys with pickups and the other one drives a 25 year old BMW that he is very proud of because he paid for it himself (he is 16 years old). Very interested in your platform and rig to keep them out of the front seat. I have fashioned something similar in the Kia. I also will be looking at the ramp you use because I cannot pick the dogs up and put them in the truck. I used to have a folding ramp that was a PITA to use for loading my Greyhounds and when they died I threw it away. Removing the seats is a very good idea because I never haul anyone in the back of the old Kia..I just lay the seats down. I do not own any stuff like a canoe, dirt bike or for that matter a regular bike or much of anything else. I would probably carry a generator, light weight (PVC pipe) dog beds, dog food, small grill and a lawn chair. Thank you so much for all of the information and for agreeing that Ken's truck looks like it will do the job. I was confused about the three numbers that he was posting, but you said it would work if I was careful about the weight. Nan
  10. Ken, yes I can open it. I was the dumb one.
  11. Ken, nope I cannot open it. I have a Mac and I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
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