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  1. Aw1985 I would also agree triple towing may not be the best choice not that it couldn’t be done. More so than the legal part would be the liability. It wouldn’t be worth the cost of an accident The attorneys would have a field day with that. I like the second thought, 25-30 yrs ago I’d go with a 1ton dually 4x4 diesel they make some really nice racks for the bed for side by sides and quads. Ollie in tow, Carry all the toys and still have decent fuel mileage
  2. Anyone who have newer gm vehicle, i use my onstar for personal WiFi $20.00 a month unlimited data. And if there is no cell signal can make a call through onstar. No holes to drill and the system is always updated. The only down fall is if parked, the ignition key has to be on, or the trucks has to be running. We only use the WiFi for no more than a hour or two. Very little drain on the battery. Never had a bad connection anywhere.
  3. Mr Walmsley it may be a good idea to review all of the recent posts with different problems and report them to upper management also. Thanks
  4. Trainman Another fine thing that happen to me along with everything else. I had your same problem. Under the bed area where the water heater is you should see a small grey box that is you’re circuited board. Easy to take out. Service told me to look for a Burn mark on the board common problem. My board didn’t have a burn mark. I followed the wiring from the heater about 6-8in in the harness the wires will have crimped connections. I believe it was the red wire was pulled out of the crimp, reconnected and the water heater worked fine. Good luck and if this is the problem let service know. Thanks I have hull #484
  5. Muppy Sorry to hear of your problems. For the drain value being closed in the shower I’ve done it and i think it has happen to everyone at one time. You connected to city water got all the air out of the lines, then saw water dripping outside. One thing to check which is happening a lot, check the level of your fresh water tank. If it is full and you didn’t fill it your city water is bypassing the water pump filling your fresh tank overfilling and leaking outside or it is a leak in the system one of the connection may have failed or wasn’t installed properly read Hobos water related problems it may or may not help. Good luck i know your frustration.
  6. Hobo There is one more thing to check since you had some problems. Make sure your fresh tank is empty. Then connect your city water. Monitor the level of the fresh water tank. If the level is rising your water pump bypass valve is stuck causing the city water to fill the tank. And that would be caused by all the plastic you found it the line.
  7. John Thanks I’m on 3 ac of open land, Ollie is parked and secured on the concrete driveway for now, I’ll be hooked up and will move it depending on wind direction. And storm track. Tub drain sealed with waterproof tape. Also have two extra large coolers to be filled with water. Extra Brita pitcher filters. Also have on hand ac dc cooler freezer. Should be set up for at least two weeks. This will be the first test for Ollie were up for the challenge. Fingers crossed. ??
  8. Ollie is ready for hurricane Dorian. Not sure yet the impact in the Ocala area. With two extra propane tanks and extra gas for the generator. Once the gas runs out we’ll convert to the propane. We should be good for at least 10 days. Water tanks full and both bath tubs will be filed plenty of water. Once we lose power and the Storm passes will move into our luxury Oliver. Until power is restored hopefully not to long last hurricane was 6 days no power. If there are more Florida Ollie’s out there be safe and good luck.
  9. My drain is also slow it’s livable for now I’m sure there is some buildup at the valve. Clearing the line will be easy. Taking the line off is the hard part with all the permanent clamps used. As far as the fitting size, not sure i used two stubby adjustable wrenches.
  10. I agree the hose kit Oliver provides is a good kit the hose is flimsy but a much better kit than other rv dealers would provide. I kept it for a backup. I also prefer the Rhino hose much better, it stays stiffer when in use while dumping. I also put a 4” clear extension on the main coupler its less of a pain to hook up the hose.
  11. Hobo glad it worked out for you. You may want to also fill your fresh tank and let it drain out through the tank drain valve.You should be ok i think every thing gets sucked in the first time you use the pump. Please call service and let them know they will want to hear about it, Thanks
  12. It did for me. Hobo described the same problem i had. It will be interesting to see his outcome.
  13. Just wanted to show what you might find. it will restrict the water flow.but not stop it.
  14. Let’s try this again tried to post and got a 404 error lost everything. Hobo If you still have low water flow at the sink and you found white plastic chips in the pump strainer, you’ll need to remove the steal braided line to the pump. Use a coat hanger and run it through you should see it packed with plastic. Once cleared you should have normal water flow and your shower head will stay on spray. If this cures the problem let service know. Sorry for the double post i lost the first post then it appeared.
  15. Hobo If you still have low water flow at the sink. And you found white plastic in the pump strainer. You’ll need to remove the steal braided line going into the pump. Use a coat hanger and run it through you should find it packed with plastic chips. Once its clean you should have normal flow and your shower head should stay on when you use the spray. If it cures the problem let service know.
  16. I think the author has issues, my opinion. It is all about the personal preference. The rv industry follow the trends, if they thought the graphics weren’t effective they would make changes. The down fall is you get want they want. Look at the million dollar Rvs customers spend over 80 thousand plus for paint work. I don’t think i ever seen a all white provost. If there are that’s what that person wants. Another and many reasons the Oliver stands out, i could be wrong, but they make changes based on customer feed back more so than industry trends. Oliver gives you the choice, for the most part. I hope it stays that way.
  17. Thanks to all. This was something i was not aware of. Ill make a habit of checking my account often. One of those emails can be a little nerve racking. I’m sure I’m not along. Thanks again keep up the good work.
  18. Overland I looked at all my profile and account and don’t see where or how I’m subscribed to anything. I must be missing something. You or any moderator have my permission to remove any subscription i may have encountered. I this is a problem please let me know. I will delete my account and start over at a later date preferably after all the bugs are worked out. Thanks
  19. I saw the same posts these are also the same emails I receive. If you look at my posts i only post new. Or reply to new posts. Please explain how you would subscribe to posts on the forum. I try to keep it simple. And I don’t even follow others on the forum. Thanks
  20. Also the other thing tonight every topic i click on you get the 404 error and have to reclick to get the to come up. Strange. logging off now. If I can be any further help have them call me direct, Thanks
  21. As far as Connecticut there are very limited campgrounds as granitestate said most close early. There are two casinos Fox wood and Mohegan Sun Good area for foliage. You would need to call if they still allow camping. If i remember Foliage starts to end in October. If so start to head to the Carolinas i always thought the foliage was better and the temps weren’t as cold. Timing is every thing, good luck
  22. Never had a reason to post my email address on the forum , this happened several months received a email forum post from Ott. Wanting to offer pass port docs. I deleted it w/o opening it. I should have save todays if some needed to look at them. Sry I deleted them quickly.
  23. I just received 12 emails from pharmacy’s to people, some foreign claiming to post on the forum. Using Oliver travel trailer site. I’m not sure what this is all about. Also still having a lot of those 404 errors. Anyone else getting these types of emails. Please advise if this is not a somewhat secure site I’d like to know. If this continues i may delete my account. I don’t have enough computer skills to have to worry about hackers.
  24. Installed the compass today easy install with soapy water solution. The hardest part was getting it centered no edges to measure to find the center. Had to use the thumb level tool.
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