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  1. I've done a modification to add an Optronics 7-Way trailer harness plug protector. Here's the link to the part I used from e-trailer.(Including shipping and tax < $10 https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Plug-Covers/Optronics/ACP7B.html And here's where I mounted it...on the back of my Tongue Box. I used stainless #10 bolts to mount the unit. It could be mounted with zip ties to the bottom of the tongue as well if you don't want to drill holes. The cover is a semi rigid type of rubber material but with enough flex to make it easy to insert or remove with one hand. In any case, I switched to this after my original "rubber cover" leaked.
  2. John, Thanks for the tips...I'll clean and seal it later today. I'll also be using a couple zip ties to make a simple holder on the tongue under the "basket" so I can stow the plug our of the rain.
  3. This afternoon my wife said.... "I noticed the tail lights of the trailer on this morning. It's not hooked to the truck. Are they supposed to be on?" When I went out to look and sure enough the rear tail lights were on. I went immediately to look first at the "emergency brake" switch and then at the front 7 pin connector...which has a "rubber cover" on it to keep water out. We had 2" of rain in the past day and that rubber 7pin cover did a much better job of keeping the water in. I drained the connector, blew it out and dried it with air. Then cleaned it and lubricated it with electrical silicone grease. The lights are no longer on. I'm assuming this was a draw from the house batteries through that connector. Passing along if of any use to folks in the future. If there's a similar post somewhere I didn't find it in a quick search.
  4. Here's the link to amazon for the Oracal I used. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071W2CVJB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Amazon sells it in sheets or rolls. I chose sheets as it fits exactly in our Cricut machine. I've learned to only use fonts that are a bit wider and be careful to use a new blade and set pressure to 5-6 (high). Then to remove the letters in one sheet, it's easier to push them through the cuts, leaving them on the cutting mat (removing the bulk of the material). After that it's easy to use remover sheets on the top of the cutouts. I've also added this using the Middle Grey color on the back tire cover for our future travel v/blog page.
  5. Updated our trailer with her Name: Galway Girl Used the same 3M Vinyl that the factory used. Bought 12" squares on Amazon and cut out with a Cricut Machine. Results Below:
  6. Hull 505 made the trip from it's birthplace to it's new home Washington State this week. First Campsite and Last Campsite Attached.
  7. Hull 505 just picked up last week. We've had the same issue with the A/C Starting and Stopping at campgrounds during the hot weather. I looked at the display in the upper storage area and saw that the voltage was dropping below 110V (brownouts) every time the A/C shut down. An additional thing that's developed is a strong fishy smell. This is the smell comes from the electrolytic in the Start and Run Capacitors when they are breaking down or stressed. The start and run capacitors on my unit may have been impacted by all the brown out's and started leaking the electrolytic material from one or more of those capacitors. So...I'll be contacting Jason to see what to do to 'repair' the situation.
  8. Raspy - Wisdom in your words! Thanks.
  9. We'll be picking up Hull 505 very soon....and found this discussion interesting. While we are not financing our Ollie, we did check with our Credit Union and found they would Finance a "NEW" Ollie based on the "Factory Invoice Price with all the options". They also cautioned us that there was no data in NADA or anywhere else and that it takes time for a manufacturers population to grow large enough for the USED market pricing to be recognized by NADA and other sites. They said, that selling it Used would be difficult in the future because of high value and lack of financing. (Good thing I have no plans to sell in the near future.) Looking forward to hearing more about actual used prices and would love to see sellers post final sale date, and final price. (Only a courtesy to the community.)
  10. Ordered one of those...thanks for the tip. Need to find a Zamp external plug as our pickup is in August.
  11. I've looked at the solar schematic for new Elite II's....and I see connections from the solar panels to the charge controller. What I don't see is the external port for connection of a portable panel. A couple questions for those who have their Olivers...(mine's not due until August.) 1) What type of connector does Oliver factory use for the accessory (portable) solar connection? 2) When using a portable panel, does the Oliver factory installed "external solar connector" line go directly to the battery or does it also go to the onboard charge controller? (In other words does the external panel need it's own charge controller?) I think the current systems being installed are Zamp... and those portable systems all say...they have their own charge controller, and connect them directly to the battery. Thanks for any feedback.
  12. We are planning to order sheet sets and mattress covers from AB Lifestyles, a specialist in RV Bedding , now including Oliver Elite II. They did a custom Oliver order last year using the the dimensions for the Oliver Elite II twin beds. They now have bedding available online for ordering. Both sheet sets and mattress covers are available for Oliver Elite twin mattresses. They say on the website that each set is a PAIR for both left and right twin beds. The PAIR includes fitted bottom and top sheets for both left and right mattresses, and 2 pillow cases (one for each bed) . https://www.ablifestyles.net/road-ready-rv-sheet-set/ They also have mattress pads for the Oliver Twins. This link is to their plush pad…and they also come bundled in pairs (both left and right mattress shape one package) https://www.ablifestyles.net/products/ultima-plush-mattress-pad-for-campers-rvs.html This link for their waterproof covers…also a PAIR. https://www.ablifestyles.net/keep-a-bed-waterproof-mattress-cover-for-rvs-campers/ Finally, they also are a custom RV mattress company should anyone need to order those as well.
  13. Thanks for the tip...just downloaded the Apps today. I also have Campendium Allstays, Harvest Hosts. Craig
  14. What type of bed mattress did you order and how's it working? Where custodians the bedding materials? Are those bunk bedsheets? Also for the first two nights did you have any issues that required a return to factory? We will pickup in August 2019.
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