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  1. Having picked up our Ollie on 6/24 and spend a week heading home to Michigan I spend a great deal of time cleaning the Ollie and removing the bugs. I have been a fan of the Starbrite Marine polish for years. After getting it clean I applied a coat of this product to the trailer and was extremely pleased with the results. This stuff removed any stains left from the trees and leaves on the fiberglass, and shines as well as any of the other products in this post. Here are some pictures but its overcast here. I think this is as good as the other products in this post and it just give you another option. The application is easier than paste wax. sorry about the pictures Doug
  2. Bob, I bought the HD 2500 and was looking for a hitch. The truck of course had the larger hitch receiver so I went with the 2 1/2 inch model, I Purchased one of the aluminum drop hitches and upon installation I found that the larger receiver hitches did not allow for me to mount my Rock Tamers. Nice hitch but I sent it back, and bought the 5 in drop BW with 2 5/16, 2 and 1 7/8. I tow a boat also that is heavier than our elite 2, and has to be adjusted lower for the boat. Have a utility trailer also, so I can use them all. This is a great hitch love the fold away feature. Picked up our Ollie #482 on 6/24 and with that hitch and the duramax you hardly know its there. The deal breaker was the rock tamers I consider them a must have for the Ollie and my fiberglass boat. A friend used the insert and the 2 inch receiver and it was just a rattle trap. I don't think you will be disappointed. Doug
  3. Overland, There is a product called "Roll-Off" that is available at RV, Marine supplies and amazon. This stuff is amazing for removing those black streaks . Wet, spray it on rub with a soft brush or microfiber and let sit and rinse. This stuff has been a boaters secret for a long time cleans shines and does not hurt the wax. A quart may save you some elbow grease. https://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Roll-Off-Multi-Purpose-Cleaner-oz/dp/B000FSDZTU/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3MIO9T6WAA6YI&keywords=roll-off&qid=1553953984&s=gateway&sprefix=roll-off%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-3 Doug
  4. Has anyone used the Starbrite Premium Marine wax and polish with the PTEF? (the polymer coating). I have used this on my boats for years, and year after application you can't keep the water on it to wash it. I use a wool buffing wheel to put it on and there is nothing that it wont remove and leave shiny. I saw in other post similar products from Meguiars, and 3M. My concern is the amount of gelcoat on the Ollie, on my boats it was very thick. I love this product but you can teach an old Doug new tricks.
  5. Hey Hobo Be careful there I purchased a weigh safe aluminum hitch for my Chevy H D in the 2 1/2 in receiver. After looking at my buddies rock tamers they would not fit on the receiver as it was to close to the truck, I called weight safe and their hitches are not compatible with the 2 1/2 hitches they are with the two inch model. Had to send the hitch back so I could use the Rock Tamers. If yours is a weigh safe 2 1/2 it won't work. Just trying to save you some grief. Doug
  6. In a reply from Weigh Safe only their 2 inch receivers are compatible with Rock Tamers I sent it back.
  7. Has anyone have any experience with the weigh safe hitch and installing Rock tamers? Purchased the 6 inch drop without the scale and when looking at a buddies truck with rock tamers on it, and it appears there is not enough room for the mount between the 90 degree bend and the receiver. I do not really want to drill a new hole in the hitch. It appears that I need another 1/2 inch. Everyone I have talked to loves the rock tamers for their boats and trailers. Any suggestions. Doug
  8. Thank you Bill I am counting on that. We took the tour on the 19th of December and I was impressed.
  9. We may meet there Landrover, our scheduled delivery date is June 24th
  10. We have ordered our Elite II and expect to take delivery the end of June 2019. We are excited t0 start a new chapter in our lives with our new Ollie, trading our seafaring ways for wandering aimlessly across the country. Having read the forums I realize our learning curve will be quite sharp, I anticipate we will be reaching for the forum life ring.
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