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  1. The plastic white cover is fine, I was referring to the covers that cover the whole AC unit. They run about $25.00 but I need the model to order the correct size 2019 Elite II. The white cover is aligned and the acres into the holes they just don’t tighten keep spinning?‍♀️
  2. So our summer has been jammed paced with responsibilities and not enough camping. I went out this afternoon to spruce up for a couple that is interested in buying an Oliver. Turned on the AC horrible noise and vibration. Looked on top and the unit was wild. Long story short, mud daubers infested the unit. Unscrewed the white cover removed nests. Unit runs properly. 2 issues: 1. Screws will not tighten when putting the white top back 2. Need to know what the model is to order a cover to prevent mud daubers from getting side the unit. Thanks in advance, karen Gebhardt #441
  3. Sherry, No template, they carry them in stock! I was amazed. They also carry airstream sheets for various models. Love them, Karen
  4. FYI: there is an online company AB Lifestyles that makes the twin fitted and flat sheet to fit the Elite II twin beds. The sheets are curved and fit wonderfully and are absolutely soft, soft, soft. The top sheet has elastic at the bottom as well so it doesn't pull out making the bed oh so much easier to make. I love them my husband's only negative comment was hit feet felt trapped...LOL Karen & George #441
  5. Foy_Mirna, How long did you cut the 3/4” piece of steel? Thanks for the posting...looks great! George & Karen
  6. Hi Ken & Karren. It was checked out at the factory so everything is good to go. Our issue with the water heater was dewinterizing it, cleaning the antifreeze out then fill the water tank. Write it down step by step...we left out a step thus no water was going to the hot water heater. And I do remember being told. Behind the Truma ( you access from the twin bed curb side) is a brass valve. This will need to be opened to allow water to flow into the Truma. We just waited until we got home and dewinterized first. I think you will need to dewinterize first. Works like a charm now! We were slow learners it took us all day?‍♀️Let us know how it goes!
  7. We live in Johnson City! We are close Karen
  8. Well George and I are new Oliver owners. We picked up out Oliver on March 11 and we are #441. We have a 2019 Elite II. We picked her up and headed to Texas where we call the "Hill Country" home. This is such a well put together TT. In fact a neighbor looked at the wiring under one of the seats and said, "beautiful". And you know he was right! Everything seems to be going fine but I have yet to get the hot water tank working. We upgraded to the Trauma and I just cannot figure it out. Water just does not seem to flow into the water tank. I have it set on the normal diagram and the propane is on but no luck. I have read and reread the manual. I will probably call Jason in the morning and run through it with him. But "Olli 441" is beautiful and we cannot wait to get her all organized and on the road. I have to confess I have been a bit of a "lurker" and have learned so much from this forum so now we are jumping in with 4 feet... George & Karen <p style="text-align: center;"></p>
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