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  1. Hey, everyone. I just wanted to thank everyone for keeping this thread going! I've not had a chance to comment in the thread -- heck, I've not had a chance to read the thread in detail -- because I'm just finishing up getting the last of stuff sold off or in storage for going full-time. Have spent several stints of 7/10 days, and longer, in the trailer already. As of tomorrow morning I'm officially full-time though! I will say that I've used several of the ideas posted over the last few months and made a few tweaks. I'm not quite happy with the arrangement I have now but I'm finding I also have been using maybe 50-75% of the storage available in the trailer (It's just me.) so perhaps I'm not going to have to be as clever at some of this stuff as I thought. I'm helped by having a large van as tow vehicle so some of the stuff others might keep inside I have in the van. Anyway, thanks again! Looking forward to catching up here soon and perhaps I'll even throw in some of my own successes.
  2. Re the quoted lifespan of a wrap, I've had longer conversations with some folks here in CA. They didn't make a distinction whether it would be the wrap or the adhesive which would age less well but they did say that they estimate on the conservative side assuming folks will be traveling around RV parks in the West where things are not always well shaded and sun can be intense. My take, even if you choose a color which will last 5 years before it needs re-done that's still a lot of money for what it is. I'm with those who say painting is probably the best option. My dad built and raced his own fiberglass racecars for years and he always painted them himself. He was careful with the surface prep, was very particular about the primer, and was cost-for-value minded on the paint and they always looked great. Of course he changed colors every ... maybe 5 years ... and the car wasn't sitting out in the sun unless it was at the track so YMMV. Man, I sure would like a flat dark earth brown TT and TV to blend into chaparral, sand, etc out West but I'll definitely have to save up for the paint job. Not something I care to undertake myself. Nasty stuff.
  3. So this is a topic I've been investigating lately... Quotes I've had for a wrap have ranged from 3k to 10k for a matte wrap. Varying mostly by geography ( high: CA, low: Ohio ). Universally, I've been told I should only expect 2 to 3 years max out of top sections due to sun/UV. So a wrap seems like a non-viable solution unless you REALLY need a color.
  4. This was shared with me today. Thought it made a decent post here...
  5. Hey, Mike. I'll check my '19 tonight to see if I get the same result.
  6. Fair enough. I have a '19 EII. For my situation it was just a loose contact on the backside of the switch panel near the door. For the sake of others, since the panels are not super well-documented, if someone knows please post fuse details. I have to be on the road today but I may play around with the fuses this evening to see if I can locate.
  7. Hi, everyone. My outside courtesy lights stopped working and so I've been trying to find the breaker. The label in fuse box cover in the attic doesn't mention the outside courtesy lights nor does the similar label in the converter. There is a fuse labeled "basement" in the converter but... Anybody been in the courtesy lights who might be able to advise? Thx
  8. I wasn't sure if the 3.5" pins would work but now that I look at the mechanism it looks okay and that would be an easy option. FWIW, the Parts folks at Oliver (they have a ticketing system) got back to me and it looks like their prices for replacements are lower than anything I found online.
  9. Hey, folks. Anyone have part numbers (Amazon?) for the following: - The Monroe(?) quick-release bumper pins - front/rear reflectors For the pins they definitely look like the ones in Monroe's catalog but I can't find any matching the "usable length". As for the reflectors, well, they are nothing special but one came off on my x-country trip and I'd like to replace it with a something matching the rest and perhaps have a couple of spares.
  10. I'm in NorCal and would try to attend. I'm new to the RVing thing in general so I'm likely not the best person to organize an event.
  11. I'm near White Sands National Monument. WS was crazy windy this evening and that made it even more amazing.
  12. Hey, all. On the maiden voyage x-country. Just thought I would check in with some pictures for anyone who is stuck at home right now. ;) Been a good trip so far and the Oliver has been flawless.
  13. For sure. I'll post once we've painted the partition and the floor is finished. Probably before I insulate and cover the sides. It'll take a little imagination to see where we are going but not much.
  14. Unfortunately, no. The trailer is going to be stationary but I will be flying all over the country for work until the end of May when we head x-country via Austin, TX. I'm hoping there will be a mini-rally out West some time this year and I may try to make that one.
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