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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions and input. There's a lot of good information to follow-up on. A tour of in Holenwald would be very cool. Maybe the Oliver company could set aside a trailer or two to rent to potential buyers. They could have a trailer set up on site or at a nearby RV park, determine a fair daily rental fee. It could be part of the promotional/advertising budget. Mahalo again for your input and suggestions.
  2. Yes, as I read through the Forums, I get the distinct impression that people treat their Ollie's like their babies. Who knows maybe there someone out there who is willing to take the risk. Or maybe we could view an Oliver and rent a comparable sized RV. And yes, I know my wife will really like the easy part of camping in an RV rather than tenting it. Thanks for your input.
  3. I am recently retired. My wife and I have a dream to spend time traveling across the wonderful contiguous 48 states (the mainland) and maybe even eventually Canada and Alaska. Being a Hawaii boy, I have not had much experience with the RV community. I can handle tent camping, but there are not many RVs in Hawaii. I have been researching various RV trailers and really think the Oliver would work for us. This forum has been great. Three of our 4 children are currently on the mainland (one is still in college) so we are on the "pay for college first and then buy the Oliver" plan. But before we take the plunge, we were thinking maybe we could experience an Oliver. Does anyone actually rent Oliver trailers? We are planning a trip to the St. Louis area in October 2019 to visit our son. We are planning to stay a month and thought that might be a good time to spend a week in an RV to see if we can handle it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much).
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