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  1. I recently purchased a used Oliver my original plan was to pick it up and enjoy the trip home but life interfered. Oliver (co.) Gave me the name of Painted Cowboy transport and Daniel was great! In spite of more unexpected things in my life the Ollie transport was great and not unreasonable. Anya
  2. Thanks for the info, my plan was to get a vanity plate and that would be that but Ontario doesn't allow them on trailers so now I am considering a plan b, no hurry but I am checking out options. Anya
  3. I like the logos for identity but wondered if they could be removed if I wanted to put a custom decal in the future. You mentioned removing them . Can it be done reasonably and how? Anya
  4. Teal

    Hull #89

    Apparently I am the third owner, I was told "Picasso" originally went to MI my home state and as it turns out it was delivered the day after my birthday. Very fitting since it was my birthday present to me this year. So he started south went north then south now north hopefully he does't turn out to have a reverse migratory soul. Anya
  5. Teal

    Hull #89

    After what seems like an eternity hull #89 has cleared customs and has joined me as a landed immigrant here in Ontario. A huge thanks for all the help and patience from the Oliver crew who answered a million questions, to Karen Harris 89's previous owner who waited while I jumped through paperwork hoops, and to Danial Jakus of Painted Cowboy transport who helped get "Picasso" to his new home, rolling with the unexpected and keeping it fun! Looking forward to one more batch of paperwork and organizing for a camping trip. The dream is almost real. Anya
  6. Ok I want your magic wand! I was on the site just prior to answering you and it was why I was logged in and got your message. I logged out with no problem and now the classifieds work and I had no problem logging out. Anya
  7. Hi still can't access classifieds, tells me to log in then error 404. Haven't tried to log out yet Anya
  8. Hi I started having the same problem yesterday and reported it, was hoping it was fixed Anya
  9. Did you buy the ones recommended by jitters or other ones. Could you include link and size if different from jitters. Thanks
  10. Hi please tell me that the picture I put on my site and all the info is not gone. As a non computer person it took me a while. Any
  11. I am currently buying a used Ollie and since I did not look for financing I found this discussion interesting. I have always had good luck with preowned things so when a used Ollie with virtully everything I wanted came up I went and visited it and am ironing out the details of bringing it to Canada. Interestingly I did discover that it is virtually impossible to import one or even start the process if the title is not clear of any liens as the first one I looked had a lien. So loans must be available. Anya
  12. Yesterday I saw a neat picture from the rally where the Oliver had amber outside lights. There was also information about the products used. Being me with my so so relationship with tech I can't find it again. Where was it? Thanks
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